Why did Billy Idol release a Christmas album?

Why did Billy Idol release a Christmas album?

Knowing that family, friends and children might be listening, I wanted a selection that would please all, while still exploring the awe and mystery that is Christmas.” In support of the new release, Idol confirms a select run of acoustic dates this fall and winter with Stevens.

How many albums did Billy Idol make?

Rebel Yell1983Cyberpunk1993Whiplash Smile1986Charmed Life1990Happy Holidays2006Devil’s Playground2005
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What is Billy Idol’s real name?

William Michael Albert BroadBilly Idol / Full name

The man who would become Idol, William Michael Albert Broad, was born in Middlesex, England on November 30, 1955, exactly 8 days after RCA Records bought Elvis Presley’s contract from Sun Records.

Who is Billy Idol partner?

Idol has never married, but had a long-term relationship with English singer, dancer and former Hot Gossip member Perri Lister. They have a son, Willem Wolf Broad, who was born in Los Angeles in 1988. Willem has been a member of the rock band FIM.

How many times has Billy Idol been married?

Although he has never married, Idol has two children – a son from his long term relationship with former Hot Gossip Dancer Perri Lister, William Broad, born in June 1988, and a daughter, Bonnie Blue, from another relationship, born 1989.

What happened to Billy Idol’s leg?

On Feb. 6, 1990, Idol ran a stop sign while riding his Harley home from a Los Angeles studio, was struck by a car, and was grievously injured. “I was trying to forget about it, really. But I’d had plenty of time to let it kind of marinate inside me and then bring it out as a song. …

What was Billy Idol most popular song?

Eyes Without a FaceRebel YellWhite WeddingDancing with MyselfMony MonyBitter Taste
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What was Billy Idol’s number one song?

“Rebel Yell” It should be little surprise to anyone that the lead-off and title track from Billy Idol’s 1983 record would assume the No. 1 position in our countdown of Top 10 Billy Idol Songs.

What kind of motorcycle did Billy Idol crash?

Pop-punk icon Billy Idol definitely proved that the title of his album that he had just completed, Charmed Life, was prophetic when on February 6, 1990, at about 8:30 a.m. he ran a stop sign on his Harley-Davidson and collided with a car.

How Old Is Billy Idol singer?

66 years (November 30, 1955)Billy Idol / Age

What is Billy Idol salary?

Billy Idol is an English rock musician, singer-songwriter, and actor who has a net worth of $60 million. Idol rose to prominence in the 1980s, getting his first taste of fame with the punk rock band Generation X, and then as a solo artist.

How many albums has Billy Idol released?

Billy Idol discography. The discography of Billy Idol, his solo recordings post-Generation X, consists of eight studio albums, one live album, five compilation albums, one extended play, and 37 singles.

What are some of the best songs by Billy Idol?

“Dancing with Myself” (Billy Idol, Tony James) – 4:51 2. “Hot in the City” (Idol) – 3:33 3. “White Wedding” (Idol) – 4:13 4. “Rebel Yell” (Idol, Steve Stevens) – 4:47 5. “Eyes Without a Face” (Idol, Stevens) – 4:58 6. “Flesh for Fantasy” (Idol, Stevens) – 4:38 7. “Catch My Fall” (Idol) – 3:42 8.

How do I Find my Billy Idol certification history?

Note: User needs to enter “Billy Idol” in the “Search” field, “Artist” in the “Search by” field and click the “Go” button. Select “More info” next to the relevant entry to see full certification history. ^ a b c d e f ” Certified Awards Search Archived 17 January 2010 at WebCite “.

What songs did Billy Idol and Steve Stevens sing together?

“Rebel Yell [Session Take]” (Idol, Stevens) – 5:27 11. “Motorbikin’ [Session Take)” (Chris Spedding) – 4:16 12. “Catch My Fall [Original Demo]” (Idol, Stevens) – 4:11 13. “Flesh for Fantasy [Session Take]” (Idol, Stevens) – 5:09 14. “Blue Highway [Original Demo]” (Idol, Stevens) – 5:00 1. “Come On, Come On” (Billy Idol, Steve Stevens) – 4:00 2.