What is the purpose of StrComp () string function?

What is the purpose of StrComp () string function?

The StrComp function compares two strings and returns a value that represents the result of the comparison.

What StrComp string1 string2 returns if string1 is same as string2?

Returns a value indicating the result of a string comparison….Return Value.

If StrComp returns
string1 is greater than string2 1
string1 or string2 is Null Null

What is built in function in VBScript?

This page contains all the built-in VBScript functions….String Functions.

Function Description
Left Returns a specified number of characters from the left side of a string
Len Returns the number of characters in a string
LTrim Removes spaces on the left side of a string
RTrim Removes spaces on the right side of a string

How does string compare work in C?

The strcmp() compares two strings character by character. If the strings are equal, the function returns 0….Return Value from strcmp()

Return Value Remarks
0 if strings are equal
>0 if the first non-matching character in str1 is greater (in ASCII) than that of str2 .

What is the purpose of StrComp () string function Mcq?

What will strcmp() function do? Explanation: The strcmp() function compares the string s1 to the string s2. int strcmp(const char *s1,const char *s2); Get Free Certificate of Merit in C Programming Now!

What is StrComp in VBA?

The StrComp function returns an integer value after comparing the two given strings. It can return any of the three values -1, 0, or 1 based on the input strings to be compared. If String 1 < String 2, then StrComp returns -1. If String 1 = String 2, then StrComp returns 0. If String 1 > String 2, then StrComp returns …

How do you compare two strings in Visual Basic?

Comparing Strings Visual Basic compares strings using the Like Operator as well as the numeric comparison operators. The Like operator allows you to specify a pattern. The string is then compared against the pattern, and if it matches, the result is True . Otherwise, the result is False .

What is the difference between function and procedure in UFT?

Difference Between Function and Procedure

Parameters Function Procedure
Expression A function must deal with expressions. A procedure need not deal with expressions.
Explicit Transaction Handling Functions cannot have explicit transaction handling. Explicit transaction handling exists in the case of a procedure.

What is the difference between sub and function in VB?

VBA Sub vs Function: Key Differences A sub performs a task but does not return a value. A function returns a value of the tasks performed. Subs can be recalled from anywhere in the program and in multiple types. Functions are called by a variable.

What is the difference between strcmp and Strncmp?

strcmp compares both the strings till null-character of either string comes whereas strncmp compares at most num characters of both strings.

Can we compare two strings in C?

We compare the strings by using the strcmp() function, i.e., strcmp(str1,str2). This function will compare both the strings str1 and str2. If the function returns 0 value means that both the strings are same, otherwise the strings are not equal.

What is the function of Strcoll ()?

The C library function int strcoll(const char *str1, const char *str2) compares string str1 to str2. The result is dependent on the LC_COLLATE setting of the location.

What is the prototype of Strcoll () function?

The prototype of strcoll() function is int strcoll(const char *s1,const char *s2).

Is StrComp case sensitive VBA?

StrComp VBA can perform both case sensitive and case insensitive string comparisons.

How do I use StrComp in Excel VBA?

Parameter Description

  1. String1 − A required parameter. The first string expression.
  2. String2 − A required parameter. The second string expression.
  3. Compare − An optional parameter. Specifies the string comparison to be used. It can take the following values. 0 = vbBinaryCompare – Performs Binary Comparison(Default)

What are the six comparison operators in Visual Basic?


Operator True if False if
<= (Less than or equal to) expression1 <= expression2 expression1 > expression2
> (Greater than) expression1 > expression2 expression1 <= expression2
>= (Greater than or equal to) expression1 >= expression2 expression1 < expression2
= (Equal to) expression1 = expression2 expression1 <> expression2

Which operator is used to compare two variables?

The equality operator (==)
The equality operator (==) is used to compare two values or expressions. It is used to compare numbers, strings, Boolean values, variables, objects, arrays, or functions. The result is TRUE if the expressions are equal and FALSE otherwise.

How do you call a function in QTP?

Functions in QTP are called by using the ‘Call’ keyword, like if you have created a function named “Add”, then call the function using : Call Add()….

  1. Function printName(name)
  2. msgbox name.
  3. End Function.
  4. call printName(“Shyam”)

Can we call function inside procedure?

We cannot call store procedure within a function. However, we can call a function within a store procedure.

What is sub function?

Sub-functions are the basic operations employed to provide the system services within each area of operations or line of business.

What are the return values of the strcomp function?

The StrComp function has the following return values: This example uses the StrComp function to return the results of a string comparison. If the third argument is 1, a textual comparison is performed; if the third argument is 0 or omitted, a binary comparison is performed.

What are the arguments of strcomp?

The StrComp function syntax has these named arguments: Required. Any valid string expression. Required. Any valid string expression. Optional. Specifies the type of string comparison. If the compare argument is Null, an error occurs. If compare is omitted, the Option Compare setting determines the type of comparison.

How do I reverse a string in QTP?

StrReverse Function StrReverse function in QTP can be used to create a reverse of a string. For example, str = StrReverse (“orange”) would return the string – “egnaro”. Join Function If you have a number of sub-strings in an array, you can use the Join function to concatenate all the sub-strings from the array into a single string.

What is the difference between UFT/QTP and QTP?

It is still common for veterans in this role to refer to it as QTP. UFT/QTP is an automated functional testing tool designed and managed by Micro FocusTM that identifies bugs in an application during the testing phase through the use of automated tests. QTP/UFT automates a user’s actions and identifies bugs on those same actions.