What is Daniel Island known for?

What is Daniel Island known for?

Daniel Island was home to the Charleston Battery. They played in the MUSC Health Stadium located on Daniel Island Drive. The Volvo Car Open, a professional tennis tournament, is played at the Family Circle Tennis Center. The tournament is also known as the Charleston Open.

Is Daniel Island a nice place to live?

Daniel Island is an upscale, master planned community north of Charleston. There are many beautiful, new large homes being built and there is plenty more room for future expansion. Smythe Lake Park is a nice large lake ringed with beautiful large homes. Daniel Island also has a nice public library.

Is Daniel Island a real island?

Daniel Island is a large island located three miles north of the Charleston Harbor, between the Cooper and Wando rivers. It lies within Berkeley County but has been annexed by the City of Charleston.

Is Daniel Island a gated community?

Housing options in Daniel Island include a mix of townhomes, custom-built houses, gated communities and other single-family homes. Most homes on Daniel Island were built in the late 1990s through the present and are reminiscent of traditional Charleston architecture styles.

What family owns Daniel Island?

The Furman family owned the land since 1878 and used it to grow sea island cotton and timber with a little truck farming in between. Guggenheim purchased the tract in 1955 for $70,000.

Is Daniel’s Island SC Safe?

Safety. Over and over again, residents of Daniel Island proudly proclaim it is a safe place to raise a family. In fact, safety is the number one reason homebuyers cite when purchasing property on the island, according to Lynn.

Is Daniel Island SC expensive?

The Price. With spacious, newer housing options and a foremost location near historic Downtown, Daniel Island is one of the more expensive Charleston markets—luxury homes can go for upwards of $3,500,000. Prices in luxury communities such as the new multi-use Waterfront development can range from …

Is Daniels island safe?

Is Daniel Island a city?

Like many other seemingly stand-alone towns in the Charleston area, Daniel Island is not really a town at all. Rather, it is a part of the city Charleston with its own identity. Interesting enough, it was annexed in its entirety by Berkeley County.

Is Johns Island gated?

Established in 1969, this luxurious, ocean-to-river, 1,650-acre gated club community just north of Vero Beach, Florida is one of the finest residential clubs in the nation with a spectacular master plan limiting development to 1,382 residential properties or one unit per acre.

Is Daniel’s island SC Safe?

Is Daniel Island considered Charleston?

What is life like on Daniel Island?

The small-town setting, where porches are wide and neighbors are friendly, promotes a tight-knit community. With the many churches, golf clubs, committees, and schools it is easy to feel involved. The island is covered with 25 miles of well-placed trails for walking, running or bike riding.

Is Daniel Island in a flood zone?

In addition to the wildfire risk described above, Daniel Island has moderate risk from flooding. To learn more details about its flood risk, damage estimates, and solutions visit Daniel Island’s Flood Factor® page. 2,398 properties in Daniel Island are likely to be severely affected by flooding over the next 30 years.

Where do rich people live in Charleston SC?

The priciest neighborhoods around Charleston, S.C.

  • Downtown Charleston: The Historic District.
  • Mount Pleasant: Hobcaw Point/Scanlonville.
  • Daniel Island.
  • North Charleston: Club Course Drive / Dorchester Road.
  • Goose Creek: Caromi Village.
  • James Island: Harborview Road / Clearview Drive.

What should I avoid in Charleston SC?

Meet the street between Interstate 26 and the visitor center should be avoided after dark, as bandits often visit this area. Here you are often threatened with a gun to lure money. Nassau Street and America Street are especially bad, and you will want to stay away at any time of the day or night.

How far is Daniel Island from the beach?

Just 15 miles from historic downtown Charleston, 15 minutes to the Charleston International Airport and a 20-minute drive to the nearby beaches of Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms, makes Daniel Island one of the most convenient locations in the Charleston area.

Does Johns Island have a downtown?

It’s proximity to downtown and its scenic landscape make it a great place to call home. Johns Island, SC is actually one of the largest islands in the US. It’s the fourth largest island on the east coast – surpassed only by Long Island, Mount Desert Island and Martha’s Vineyard.

Is Johns Island SC A good place to retire?

With pleasant weather most of the year, Johns Island, with its lanes of huge live oaks, is a great place to live for a slower lifestyle while being just minutes from the sophisticated attractions of Charleston.

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