Was there a Euros in 2012?

Was there a Euros in 2012?

The UEFA Euro 2012 Final was the final match of Euro 2012, the fourteenth edition of the European Football Championship, UEFA’s competition for national football teams. The match was played at the Olympic Stadium, Kyiv, Ukraine, on 1 July 2012, and was contested by Spain and Italy.

How many games were there in Euro 2012?

31 matches
A total of 31 matches were played during Euro 2012, with Ukraine hosting 16 of them and Poland 15.

Where is Euro final 2020?

Wembley StadiumUEFA Euro 2020 Final / Location

Who scored the first goal at Euro 2012?

Robert Lewandowski
Poland’s Robert Lewandowski scored the first goal of EURO 2012, burying a downward header 17 minutes into his side’s opener against Greece in Warsaw.

Who won Euro 2020?

Italy national football teamUEFA EURO 2020 / Champion

Who won Most euros?

Germany Spain
Germany and Spain are the most successful teams in the history of the tournament, winning three times each….List of UEFA European Championship finals.

The European Championship trophy
Founded 1960
Current champions Italy (2nd title)
Most successful team(s) Germany Spain (3 titles each)

How many red cards are there in Euro 2012?

Three red cards
Red cards. Three red cards were shown over the course of the tournament’s thirty one matches, an average of 0.10 red cards per match.

Who won Soccer 2021?

Clemson wins the 2021 men’s College Cup Thanks to two early goals and strong defense at the end, Clemson men’s soccer has won the 2021 College Cup 2-0 over Washington. This is Clemson’s third title in program history and its first since 1987.

Who won 2012 Golden Boot?

Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres wins the Euro 2012 Golden Boot award despite starting just once for Spain. Fernando Torres has won the Euro 2012 Golden Boot award after scoring his third goal against Italy in the final.

How many games were played at Euro 2012?

A total of 31 matches were played during Euro 2012, with Ukraine hosting 16 of them and Poland 15. Tickets for the venues were sold directly by UEFA via its website, or distributed by the football associations of the 16 finalists. Applications had to be made during March 2011 for the 1.4 million tickets available for the 31 tournament matches.

Is Euro 2012 free to play?

Euro 2012 is a free sports game available online on Silvergames.com. You can play this enjoyable euro game in full-screen using a up-to-date web browser. Euro 2012 has been already played 88,730 times and received 71 percent positive feedback with 3,050 votes.

How many people watched the Euro 2012?

The tournament was broadcast live by around 100 TV channels covering the whole world. 150,000,000 people were expected to watch the matches each day. After Poland and Ukraine were chosen by a vote of the UEFA Executive Committee as host countries for Euro 2012, several issues arose, which jeopardised the Polish/Ukrainian host status.