How much is Debonairs 2 large?

How much is Debonairs 2 large?

That’s 2 large pizzas for only R159. 90. Plus, you get to choose from 6 delicious pizza flavours:, BBQ Bacon, Pepperoni & Olive, Debonairs Chicken, Sweet & Sour Rib, Spicy Chicken and Creamy Tikka Veg. You won’t find this deal anywhere else, it’s exclusive to Debonairs Pizza!

How much does a Debonairs cost?

A standard Debonairs costs approximately R2. 24 million to set up, a shopping mall store R2. 38 million to set up, and an express format R2. 05 million.

Is delivery free on Debonairs?

80 is required to qualify for delivery. Free delivery applies to predetermined areas around each Debonairs Pizza restaurant. “Please check online or ask your nearest Debonairs Pizza restaurant if you fall within their specified free delivery area.

What size is Debonairs large pizza?

All our pizzas, excluding Speciality, are made with original bases unless you choose otherwise. Prices & kilojoules (kJ) apply to large (30cm) bases & reflect how much to add on the original pizza price & kJ count.

What is debonairs double stack?

On the Double® Stacked Promotion @ Debonairs Our secret Cream Cheese filling sandwiched between two crisp bases and topped with the current. On the Double flavours: BBQ Bacon, Creamy Chicken, Pepperoni & Olive, Seasonal Veg, Spicy Chicken and Sweet & Sour Rib for only.

How big is a medium debonairs pizza?

This is the square centimetre breakdown of each of Debonairs’ pizza sizes: 19cm small = 283.53cm. 23cm medium = 415.48cm. 30cm large = 706.86cm.

How much is a small triple-decker at Debonairs?

Debonairs Menu prices in South Africa ❤️ 2022

Menu Item Price (R)
Triple-Decker (small) 64.90
Triple-Decker (large) 164.90
Crammed-Crust 144.90
Extra Toppings (large pizza)

How big is a medium Debonairs Pizza?

How much is free delivery at debonairs?

An order of at least R89. 80 is required to qualify for delivery.

How many slices are in a large debonairs pizza?

if you dont know how im i surposed to know? Six equal slices.

How many slices are in a 30cm pizza?

four individual slices
a) Since a ‘medium’ pizza is 30 cm by 30 cm, it will consist of four individual slices, as shown in the diagram.

How big is a 24cm pizza?

Pizza Comparison (old version)

Diameter (in) Area (sq in) Area (sq cm)
18 254 1642
20 314 2027
22 380 2452
24 452 2919

What is debonairs crammed crust?

CRAMMED-CRUST® : The crust crammed with two chicken cheese grillers, tomato & herb pizza sauce, chicken, mushroom, diced tomato, onion, Debonairs sauce, mozzarrella cheese & spring onion.

How many slices are in a Debonairs large pizza?

What is Debonairs double stack?

How much is the large triple-decker at Debonairs?

Debonairs Menu prices in South Africa ❤️ 2022

Menu Item Price (R)
Cram-Decker 179.90
Triple-Decker (small) 64.90
Triple-Decker (large) 164.90
Crammed-Crust 144.90

Is it better to buy small or large pizza?

Their conclusion is that you should “never, ever, buy the small pizza.” Buying a large pizza is a better value and cheaper price than buying a small. They calculated the surface area of the standard diameter of pizza measurement to determine the best price.

How big is a debonairs small pizza?

How many slices are in a debonairs large pizza?

How much is a small triple decker at debonairs?

How much does Debonairs Pizza cost in South Africa?

The Debonairs pizza menu includes a huge range of different varsities for you to order as well as plenty of sides to choose from. Here is the latest Debonairs menu with prices in South Africa: Menu Item. Price (R) Pizza Menu. Club Meat Pizza (small) 41.90. Club Meat Pizza (medium) 71.90.

What is the best thing to order at Debonairs?

The Creamy Chicken needs chicken, diced tomato, mushroom, onion, and Debonairs sauce to complete it. All in all, if you aren’t that fussy with you ingredients, you’ll likely love anything you order from the Debonairs menu – whether it be their famous pizzas, a sub, or some of their fresh sides.

How big is a Debonairs Pizza Base?

Large (30cm) pizza base with garlic & half mozzarella cheese. The restaurant information including the Debonairs Pizza menu items and prices may have been modified since the last website update. You are free to download the Debonairs Pizza menu files.

What does Debonairs stand for?

Debonair means charming, stylish, and confident – bring them all together and you’ve got exactly what the pizzas at Debonairs stand for. There are more than a few different types of pizzas you can order in nearly every combination you can think of.