How do you calculate water content in soil?

How do you calculate water content in soil?

Calculate the moisture content of the soil by subtracting the weight of the dry soil from the weight of the moist soil, and then dividing by the weight of the dry soil. Although the measurement is simple, it is important to determine soil moisture content in order to better understand soil characteristics.

What is the formula for calculating water content?


  1. Calculate the mass of moisture = W2 – W3.
  2. Calculate the mass of dry soil = W3 – W1.
  3. Calculate the water content w(%) = (W2 – W3) / (W3 – W1) * 100.

How do you calculate the percentage of water retained by soil?

Now, check the amount of water left in the measuring cylinder and subtract it from the initial amount which was taken. The resulted amount of water is retained by the soil. Percentage of water absorbed = {(U-V)/50} X 100, 50g is the amount of water absorbed.

What is water content of a soil?

Soil-water content is a measure of the amount of water (volume or mass) contained in a unit volume or mass of soil. If the measure is the volume of water per unit volume of soil, the water content is called the ‘volume wetness.’ If it is the mass of water per unit mass of soil it is called the ‘mass wetness.’

What is the formula of soil?

SOIL = 2.20*Al + 2.49*Si + 1.63*Ca + 2.42*Fe + 1.94*Ti The assumptions that went into this equation are as follows. 1. Minerals present in soil.

Which is the most accurate method to determine water content?

Oven dry method
Oven dry method is the most accurate and simplest method for water content determination. In this method complete drying of soil sample occur and water content in sample is calculated accurately by a maintained temperature in the oven ( 105° C to 110° C) for 24 hours.

What are the 3 methods of determining water content?

Methods to Determine Water Content of Soil

  • Oven Drying Method : The oven drying method is the standard laboratory method and it is very accurate method used to determine the water content of soil.
  • Pycnometer Method :
  • Sand Bath Method :
  • Alcohol Method :
  • Calcium Carbide Method :
  • Radiation Method :

Which method is quickest to find the water content of soils?

calcium carbide method
The calcium carbide method is the quickest and reasonably accurate method of determining of the water content of soil using a portable moisture content kit. It usually requires 5 to 7 minutes for determining the water content.

What is the percentage of water in the soil?

The typical soil consists of approximately 45% mineral, 5% organic matter, 20-30% water, and 20-30% air. These percentages are only generalizations at best.

Which method is used for determination of water content?

Radiation method is used to determine the water content of the soil in in-situ conditions. Procedure: The device containing a radio-active isotopes material (such as cobalt 60) is placed in a capsule. It is then lowered in a steel casing, placed in a borehole.

How do you calculate soil percentage?

To change percentage soil moisture on a weight basis to percentage soil moisture on a volume basis, the following calculation is given: % moisture by volume = % moisture by weight × bulk density of the soil.

What is the percentage of water in soil?

The typical soil consists of approximately 45% mineral, 5% organic matter, 20-30% water, and 20-30% air. These percentages are only generalizations at best. In reality, the soil is very complex and dynamic.

How to determine the water content of soil?

– A smaller weight difference indicates dry soil while a larger weight difference indicates moist soil. – Different types of soil can survive on different amounts of water. – To calculate the exact amount of water that makes up the soil sample, subtract the dry weight of the soil from the wet weight of the soil (in grams).

How to increase soil water content by percentage?

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  • What type of soil retains the maximum water?

    Particle Size. The ability for a soil to retain water is partly determined by the size of the soil’s particles.

  • Organic Content. The amount of organic matter in soil also affects how much water the soil is able to retain.
  • Cultivation and Nutrition.
  • Selection of the Right Soil.
  • How do you calculate moisture content of soil?


  • Paper
  • Scale
  • Small metal container
  • Food dehydrator or oven
  • Oven thermometer
  • Calculator
  • Compost materials such as grass clippings or dead leaves