How do I access my FedEx Freight account?

How do I access my FedEx Freight account?

Step 1: Visit the login page for FedEx Freight Billing Online or go to, click the Support tab, select Billing & Invoicing and select Freight Login. Step 2: Enter your User ID and Password and select Login.

Why can’t I log into my FedEx account?

Click the “Forgot password or user ID?” button on login icon, where you can reset your password by entering your registered email address. A link will be sent on this email where you will be able to reset your password.

Does FedEx have an employee app?

Download the FECA app for routine transactions or to conduct account research anytime, anywhere. You can view account balances, transaction history, make loan payments, initiate account transfers and pay bills.

What is my FedEx ground ID number?

Go to and select Sign Up or Log In. Log in if you haven’t already. Select My Profile from the dropdown menu. Select Account Management to view your account number.

How do I manage my FedEx account?

Simply visit our website at, select “Manage My Account” on the menu bar, click on the “New Account Registration” icon and download the form and a FedEx Invoice On-line Service Agreement. Fill in all the required information, and fax to us. You’ll then be given a password for login.

How do I use my FedEx account number?

Click the Select a FedEx account from your online profile. If your Account Number is not listed in the drop down box, select Enter a nine-digit FedEx account number and enter the account number in the open field. Once complete, select Continue. 4 Complete the shipping address section by entering all required fields.

How do I create a FedEx account?

FedEx Online Account Registration

  1. Register for a single login, or log in with your existing user ID and password.
  2. Complete the brief online account registration form. A credit card is required for billing purposes.
  3. Start Shipping!

Did FedEx get hacked?

FedEx said in a statement that it too was investigating and “we currently have no indication that our environment has been accessed or compromised.” Moody’s did not return a message seeking comment.

How do I set up a FedEx employee account?

Log in to and click your name in the top navigation bar. From the dropdown, select My Profile. Next, select Account Management and click on “Add an account” to link an existing account number or open a new account. You’ll receive a confirmation email when your information has been updated.

What do FedEx employees get discounts on?

As a member, you will find employee discounts on travel, insurance, car rentals, prescriptions, cell phones, tires, movies, theme parks, and more. Just sign up to become a member and get instant access!

How do I use a FedEx account number?

How do I set up a FedEx account?

How do you get a FedEx account number?

To get started obtaining a FedEx account number, visit the FedEx website and click the “Create an Account” button. Click the “Sign Up” button on the account signup page to access the registration form. You’ll provide your contact information including your name, email, address and phone number.

Can anyone use my FedEx account number?

FedEx may send you, the account owner, an email each time someone else obtains the ability to use your account number for shipping purposes on FedEx Ship Manager® at

Why do I need a FedEx account number?

While you can pay for occasional single shipments with a credit card, FedEx requires your business to obtain a FedEx account number to take full advantage of its services and discounts.

Can you set up a FedEx account online?

How do I create a FedEx account? You can create a personal or business account online. There’s no fee to open an account, but you’ll need to provide a credit card number so that your billing information will be connected to your account.

How do you know if FedEx email is real?

These fraudulent emails appear to originate from a FedEx employee (e.g., ‘[email protected]’). The body of the message may contain a fake notice related to FedEx services or may contain only a random phrase or sentence. Be aware that the attachment contained in the email may contain a computer virus.

How do you make a FedEx account?

Free FedEx Express shipping supplies

  • Streamlined shipping with online tools for shipments of all types and sizes
  • Account management tools including address books and online billing and reporting to save time on repeat shipments
  • How do I get a 9 digit FedEx account number?

    Create a new e-mail message. In the “To:” area,type [email protected] (it is not necessary to type anything on the subject line)

  • In the body of the message enter “account” followed by a space and your FedEx account number.…
  • Enter your reference number.…
  • Send the e-mail.
  • How to check if a FedEx account number is valid?

    Navigate to My Profile

  • Click on Account Management in the left navigation panel
  • Your Account Number will be displayed to the right of your account nickname
  • Where do I Find my FedEx account number?

    To find your account number,simply click on the ‘Account’ tab on the top navigation bar.

  • Scroll down to ‘my profile’,where you will need to log in using your email address and the new password you created for the shipping tool.
  • Click ‘Account management’ on the left-hand side and your account number will be revealed.