Why choose Engel&Volkers?

Why choose Engel&Völkers?

As a traditional European company, Engel & Völkers can now look back on over 40 years of history. Founded in Hamburg in 1977, the real estate agent network grew quickly beyond the German borders, so that Engel & Völkers’ offer can now be taken advantage of at over 800 international locations.

How do I contact Engel & Volkers?

ENGEL & VÖLKERS AG. Vancouverstraße 2a; 20457 Hamburg; Teléfono +49 40 36 13 10; Fax +49 40 36 13 12 22; www.engelvoelkers.com

How many locations does Engel and Völkers have?

Nuestra red Con más de 800 ubicaciones en cinco continentes, Engel & Völkers dispone de una red global única con la que puede acceder a muchos compradores interesados y solventes.

Why Engel & Völkers in Chile?

La expansión de Engel & Völkers por Hispanoamérica responde al crecimiento económico que se viene experimentando en el continente en los últimos años. Chile representa uno de los escenarios más dinámicos e interesantes para el sector inmobiliario.

The Engel & Völkers team of real estate experts will support you in all your real estate projects. Whether you wish to buy or rent an apartment or house in Paris, our 250 real estate agents will find the property that meets your needs and your budget.

Who is Christian Völkers?

Christian Völkers is the Founder and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Engel & Völkers AG. He set up the Hamburg-based company in 1977 with his friend and business partner Dirk Engel and has since developed Engel & Völkers into a global brand.

Who is the CEO of Engel and Völkers?

In 2006, Sven Odia was appointed to the Management Board of Engel & Völkers AG, and between 2006 and 2014 he played a key role in the international expansion of the Group. Between 2014 and 2020, he undertook joint management of the company as Co-CEO, together with Christian Völkers.

Where is Engel&Völkers located?

It has set up offices in Madrid, Rome and Paris. In 2014, Sven Odia was appointed co-chairman of the management board of Engel & Völkers. He had already been a member of the company’s management since 2006 and filled the new position jointly with Christian Völkers.