Who is No 1 rapper in Asia?

Who is No 1 rapper in Asia?

1. MC Jin: It is only fair that the most well-known, talented and best-selling Asian-American rap artist gets the number one spot. Jin was the first-ever Asian rapper to rap on a major label like Ruff Rydaz and gained massive respect from his peers in the emerging world of hip-hop.

Who is the best underground rappers?

The 20 Best Underground Rappers Right Now, According to ONE37pm

  • Fivio Foreign. Instagram.
  • Rod Wave. rodwave.
  • 22Gz. View this post on Instagram.
  • Bizzy Smalls. timeless_biz.
  • Jack Harlow. jackharlow.
  • Lil Tjay. Instagram.
  • Sheff G. Instagram.
  • Young T & Bugsey. Instagram.

Who is No 1 rapper in India underground?

Answer 3: Divine is the No 1 underground rapper in India, who also rose to fame with the movie Gully Boy. The movie is based on Divine’s life, and a movie is made on your life only when you are someone.

Are there any Asian rappers?

Ever since many Asian rappers have emerged in the US, including Traphik, Jay Park, Dumbfoundead, Heems, Anderson . Paak, and Awkwafina. Far East Movement became the first Asian American hip hop act to attain mainstream success with their single “Like a G6” in 2010.

Who is the fastest rapper in Asia?

Shin Ok-cheol (Hangul: 신옥철; born March 21, 1983), known by his stage name Outsider (Hangul: 아웃사이더), is a South Korean rapper. He is known for his speed-rapping and is able to rap at 13 syllables per second.

Who’s the fastest rapper in Kpop?

Changbin, of JYP Entertainment’s boy group Stray Kids, ranks at #1 with 11.13 syllables per second. Seo Changbin is a 22-year-old rapper and vocalist for Stray Kids.

Who is the biggest underground artist?

Underground Hip-Hop Artists

  • MF DOOM. 1,060,562 listeners.
  • Aesop Rock. 668,996 listeners.
  • Mos Def. 1,244,846 listeners.
  • Madvillain. 1,052,876 listeners.
  • Atmosphere. 809,176 listeners.
  • Jedi Mind Tricks. 482,692 listeners.
  • CunninLynguists. 454,097 listeners.
  • J Dilla. 776,489 listeners.

Who is the No 1 rapper in South Korea?

1) JinJin of ASTRO JinJin hit the top of the list, with a whopping 1587839 upvotes and 230203 downvotes! He is the main rapper and leader of ASTRO.

Is rap popular in Asia?

In the current day, multiple international groups in Seoul, Korea; Jakarta, Indonesia; and Tokyo, Japan show the wide spread of rap culture. The globalization of rap music and hip-hop culture exemplify the adoption of rap culture and music in Asia.

Who is the 3rd fastest rapper in K-pop?

RM of BTS ranks at #3, totaling 9.88 syllables per second.

Who is the most respected rapper?


No. Rapper Average ranking (mean)
1. Nas 1.3
2. Rakim 2
3. The Notorious B.I.G. 3.6
4. 2Pac 4.0

What rappers are overrated?

The Most Overrated Rappers Of All Time

20 20.P. Diddy
4 4.Lil Wayne
3 3.Gucci Mane
2 2.Lil Yachty
1 1.Lil Uzi Vert

Who is the best underground hip hop rapper?

Underground Hip-Hop Artists

  • MF DOOM. 1,063,297 listeners.
  • Aesop Rock. 669,291 listeners.
  • Mos Def. 1,245,824 listeners.
  • Madvillain. 1,055,541 listeners.
  • Atmosphere. 809,461 listeners.
  • Jedi Mind Tricks. 482,902 listeners.
  • CunninLynguists. 454,225 listeners.
  • J Dilla. 777,456 listeners.

Who is fastest rapper in Kpop?

Who is the Kpop rap king?

G-Dragon is known and accepted by most as the King of Kpop when it comes to rapping. From tracks that are straight fire to more emotional songs, GD can do it all! Big Bang is planning to make a comeback this year after their two-year hiatus, and VIP’s can expect GD to deliver another iconic rap sequence.

Who are Asian rappers?

Asian rappers, who are mostly based on the West Coast with a handful located in New York and other sections of the East Coast, have not much of a history within the rap industry but are part of a growing population as Asian hip hop around the world is becoming more and more recognized.

Are Asian American rappers thriving on the west coast?

While numerous Asian countries are beginning to thrive within the world’s hip hop industry, Asian American rappers are also starting to rise to the top of the rap game, especially on the West Coast.

Why are Asian rappers so popular in the American rap scene?

While many have ties to other Asian rap markets in different parts of the world, most have solidify themselves a position in the American rap scene, from being respected artists to having large fanbases across all demographics.

Who is BTS’s Rap Monster?

RM is his stage name, Kim Namjoon is his real name and he is the leader of the famous boy band BTS. Since the group’s first release in 2013, Rap Monster has led the group to great heights. People who don’t listen to rap will fall in love with him if they listen to his high-speed yet smooth rapping style.