Where do you train for Military Intelligence?

Where do you train for Military Intelligence?

The Basic Officer Leadership Course is 16 weeks and 4 days of training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. This course is designed to train new officers in the skills of Military Intelligence and finish the Basic Officer Leadership Course training.

How long is AIT for Military Intelligence?

16 weeks
Upon successful completion of Basic Military Training, soldiers will attend 16 weeks of Advanced Individual Training (AIT). AIT will consist of classroom and field training on different technologies that will be used, as well as proper information gathering and communication techniques.

What degree should I get for Military Intelligence?

The educational requirement for this job is a bachelor’s or an associate degree in political science, international relations, military science, or security studies. It is also possible to be a military intelligence analyst with a college degree or high school degree with adequate training.

How long is Military Intelligence training?

An analyst needs an ASVAB score of at least 101 in “skilled technical.” In Army intelligence training school they spend 10 weeks in basic combat training and 16 weeks in advanced individual training. Among the skills they learn are military symbols, computers and how to prepare maps, charts and intelligence reports.

Do military intelligence soldiers see combat?

Probably highest chance, but still slim. It isn’t the intel officers role to participate in combat. An enlisted intel (I’m talking USMC and Army here) might be attatched to an infantry patrol. In which case they may see some action.

Do you get paid during AIT?

Do you get paid during AIT? Yes, you do get paid during AIT, on the first and fifteenth of every month. The amount depends on your rank.

Does military intelligence see combat?

How long does it take to become an intelligence officer?

The Wait Is Real! Before you even apply for a career in Intelligence, expect for a lengthy wait during the application process. Typical applications can take anywhere between 6 -12 months with various stages throughout.

Do intelligence officers see combat?

Do intelligence officers get deployed?

Of all the Air Force jobs, an intelligence officer may be one of the most interesting. This person may spend quite a bit of time in deployed locations, gathering data and analyzing potential threats.

Is intelligence a good career?

The employment outlook is positive for intelligence analysts. Forbes listed “intelligence relations” in 2019 as one of the college majors with the highest salaries and best career prospects.

Can I bring my family to AIT?

TRAINING STUDENTS Soldiers may move household goods and Family members to the location of any Advanced Individual Training (AIT) course that is 20 weeks or more in length.

Does intelligence see combat?

Where do army intelligence officers get stationed?

Military Intelligence Corps (United States Army)

Military Intelligence Corps
Country United States
Branch United States Army
Type Military intelligence
Garrison/HQ INSCOM – Fort Belvoir, VA

Does the Army Reserve have an intelligence intelligence program?

Besides the shift to a collective training focus, the Army Reserve will continue to execute the MIST program. This program provides technical intelligence training by an experienced ARISC cadre of full-time trainers to Army Reserve, Army National Guard, and Active Component Military Intelligence personnel.

What is the Army intelligence training strategy?

a. The Army Intelligence Training Strategy provides unified guidance for developing the Ends, Means and Ways that Military Intelligence formations at all echelons across the Army will execute as part of a combined arms team.

When did the military start training intelligence officers at Fort Devens?

This was the culmination of a two-decade-long effort to consolidate all military intelligence, or MI, training at Fort Huachuca. The Army began using Fort Devens for intelligence training in April 1951, when the U.S. Army Security Agency School established its headquarters there.

What is the University of military intelligence?

The University of Military Intelligence (UMI), accessible through IKN, is an online training resource that provides web-based training and reference material for Soldiers and Civilians around the globe. Content is primarily self-paced IMI including language training, cultural awareness, intelligence analysis, and many other topics.