Where can you cliff jump in Jamaica?

Where can you cliff jump in Jamaica?

As with most things that are exciting and daring, before engaging in a cliff jumping encounter, you must first learn about what it means to ‘cliff jump’, the best places to do it safety, and what the overall experience is like. Among the best places to cliff jump in Jamaica is Rick’s Cafe in Negril.

How high can you jump in Jamaica?

Tip: If you’re a first-time cliff jumper, it is highly recommended that you start on the lower levels and make your way up to the higher jumps. Cliffs in the most popular spots in Jamaica range from 8 feet to 40 feet. There is also a 27-foot option. Of course, there is the obvious differentiation – cliff jumping, as opposed to cliff diving.

What to do at Rick’s Beach in Jamaica?

Greenery abounds at Rick’s and collides in the most spectacular way with the deep blues of the nearby ocean on the cliffside. The water in the cove nearby is an inviting turquoise color, and many people include cliff diving or jumping here as part of their stay in Jamaica.

What is it like to go cliff jumping?

Those mixed feelings usually wear off in a few seconds, and after that its pure exhilaration as you free fall into the waters below, with a gigantic splash. Cliff jumping is all about letting go and enjoying the moment.

How do you go cliff diving in the Caribbean?

Some popular cliff diving locations in the Caribbean require that you swim out into the deep, all the way around the cliff, and back onto the beach to get out. Remember, it’s not as easy as it looks!

What is the difference between cliff jumping and cliff diving?

Cliff jumping would simply require that you position yourself at the edge of a cliff and jump in when you are ready. Cliff diving on the other hand takes a certain level of skill, and you would have had to have diving experience for this to be worth doing.

What is the best cliff jump in New York?

Called a watery eden by the New York Times, Fawn’s Leap in the Catskills remains a favorite among cliff jumpers who enjoy the thrilling 24-foot plunge into a natural pool. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.