What zone is Firswood?

What zone is Firswood?

zone 2
Firswood tram stop

Fare zone 2
Original company Manchester Metrolink
Key dates

What zone is Crumpsall Metrolink?

Crumpsall tram stop

Status In operation
Fare zone 2
Opened 1 September 1879

What tram goes to Media City?

The 250 is the last Bus that goes to Tram to Mediacity in North West. It stops nearby at 00:10.

What Tram zone is derker?

Derker tram stop

Platforms 2
Other information
Status In operation
Fare zone 3/4

What zone is Manchester?

Zone 1 (Manchester Metrolink)

to Bury to Rochdale
Cornbrook to Ashton- under-Lyne
stop in both Zone 1 and 2
to MediaCityUK, Eccles & The Trafford Centre Trafford Bar
to Altrincham to East Didsbury & Manchester Airport

Which tram goes to Etihad?

Etihad Campus is a tram stop on the East Manchester Line (EML) of Greater Manchester’s light-rail Metrolink system. The stop is located adjacent to the City of Manchester Stadium (also known as the Etihad Stadium).

What postcode is Crumpsall?

Area Information for Crumpsall, Manchester, M8 5WP. This postcode in Crumpsall is in the North West region of England. The postcode is within the Cheetham ward/electoral division, which is in the constituency of Blackley and Broughton.

Are trams running from Manchester to Media City?

Trams run every 12 minutes between the Cornbrook and MediaCityUK Manchester stops from 7.15am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and from 9.30am to 6pm on Saturdays. The Eccles line service also stops at Broadway and Harbour City during these times.

Is Media City in Manchester or Salford?

MediaCityUK is a 200-acre (81 ha) mixed-use property development on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal in Salford, Greater Manchester, England. The project was developed by Peel Media; its principal tenants are media organisations and the Quayside MediaCityUK shopping centre.

What zone is Victoria Manchester?

Manchester Victoria station

Manchester Victoria
Platforms 6 National Rail 4 Metrolink
Other information
Station code MCV
Fare zone City (D)

What zone is Bolton?

List of Hardiness Zones for Locations in United Kingdom

Location Hardiness Zone
Bolton Zone 9a: -6.7°C to -3.9°C
Boston Zone 9a: -6.7°C to -3.9°C
Bournemouth Zone 8b: -9.4°C to -6.7°C
Bradford Zone 9a: -6.7°C to -3.9°C

What zone is Piccadilly Manchester?

London Underground Zone 1-2 to Manchester Piccadilly by train

Distance miles ( km)
Departure station London Underground Zone 1-2
Arrival station Manchester Piccadilly

Is Manchester Metrolink free?

Free tram travel Travel free on Metrolink trams in the city zone if you have bought a rail ticket for travel from any Greater Manchester station to a city zone station (request a Metrolink add-on free of charge when purchasing your rail ticket).

Can you get the tram to Etihad?

Our dedicated tram stop, Etihad Campus is adjacent to the stadium, located in City Square. Metrolink runs from the city centre including. Manchester Piccadilly station to Etihad Campus stop and also connecting to Ashton. The journey time from Piccadilly is less than 10-minutes.

What station is Etihad Stadium?

The nearest train station to the Etihad Stadium is Ashburys Rail Station. Ashburys is just five minutes away from Manchester Piccadilly Station on the train, and so many visitors typically go via here. The stadium, home of Manchester City FC is about a ten-minute walk away from Ashburys station.

Where is M11 postcode?

Manchester, United KingdomDroylsden, United Kingdom

How long does the tram take from Manchester Piccadilly to Media City?

How long does it take to get from Piccadilly Gardens tram stop to Media City Salford Quays, Manchester? It takes approximately 16 min to get from Piccadilly Gardens tram stop to Media City Salford Quays, Manchester, including transfers.

Is Salford Quays a good place to live?

Now, Salford Quays has become one of the most sought after areas of Greater Manchester to live in, and it isn’t hard to see why. With so much to offer, Salford Quays delivers a fantastic lifestyle opportunities for young professionals and families.

What is the difference between Salford and Manchester?

Salford is the name of a metropolitan borough in the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester. It’s a collection of small towns, none of which is called Salford. A bit like Trafford, except Salford is a city, too. It’s the part of the conurbation which is adjacent to the city of Manchester, west of the Irwell.