What is twelve less than the product of three and a number?

What is twelve less than the product of three and a number?

The product of three and a number (that is, a variable) can be symbolized as 3x, and twelve less than that is 3x – 12 and this expression is less than 21 so that the whole thing comes out to 3x – 12 < 21 and this last inequality can be solved in the usual way.

What is 8 less than 3 times a number?

1 Answer. The number is 4 .

How do you write 3 less than 4 times a number?

  1. 4 times a number =4x.
  2. 3 less than 4 times a number =4x−3.
  3. ∴3 less than 4 times a number is 17 can be written as 4x−3=17.

Which number is 3 less than 2?

∴ Integer which is 3 less than 2 is -1.

What is the number next to the variable?

Some terms contain variables with a number in front of them. The number in front of a term is called a coefficient. Examples of single terms: 3x is a single term. The “3” is a coefficient.

How do we express three less than a number?

Look Out: be very careful with “less than.” Three less than a number is translated as “x – 3.” The reverse of that, “3 – x,” would be a number less than 3.

Is 12 less than three times of a number is 27 then the number is?

Now according to the question, multiplying the number by 3 and then subtracting 12 from it is will get 27. Therefore, the required number is 13.

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What is 3 less than 5 times a number?

Altogether, 3 less than 5 times a number is 5n−3 .

What number is 6 less than 2?

Therefore, the integer which is 6 less than 2 is -4.

What number is 3 more than 5?

3 more than 5 is 8.

What is variable in 2x?

Equation: x + x = 2x [the variable is x]

Is less than twice a number?

One less than twice a number is seventeen….Names for algebraic expressions.

Expression in Words Expression in Symbols
a number increased by twelve x + 12
the sum of twice a number and six 2x + 6

What is the equation for three times a number is 27?

3 times 9 equals 27. This is correct and we have found and checked our answer!

Which of the following equations does not have a solution in integers?

X = 5/2 equation have a solution is not in integers. Therefore, The correct answer is option (C) 2x + 1 = 6.

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