What do you do for high school Black History Month?

What do you do for high school Black History Month?

Black History Month activities for high school

  • The Largest Civil Rights Protest You’ve Never Heard Of (Rethinking Schools)
  • Black Past.
  • Teach Reconstruction Campaign (The Zinn Education Project)
  • 50 Resources for Black History Month (KQED)
  • Celebrate Women This Black History Month (Teaching Tolerance)

How do you teach Black History Month to high school?

The Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching Black History Month

  1. Incorporate black history year-round, not just in February.
  2. Continue Learning.
  3. Reinforce that “black” history is American history.
  4. Connect issues in the past to current issues to make history relevant to students’ lives.

What are some Black history themes?

Black History Month Themes

  • 2022 Theme: Black Health and Wellness.
  • 2021 Theme: The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.
  • 2020 Theme: African Americans and the Vote.
  • 2019 Theme: Black Migrations.
  • 2018 Theme: African Americans in Times of War.
  • 2017 Theme: The Crisis in Black Education.

How do you respectfully celebrate Black History Month?

10 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month at Home

  1. Support Black-owned businesses.
  2. Learn about noteworthy Black figures and their contributions.
  3. Donate to charities that support anti-racism equity and equality.
  4. Listen to or read The New York Times “1619″ Project.
  5. Purchase, read, and share books by Black authors.

What is the black history theme for 2021?

ASALH Announces 2021 Black History Theme, The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity. Dear ASALH Members and Friends, At the opening of Black History Month, ASALH announces the Black History theme for 2021—The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.

What is the black history theme for 2020?

2020 – African Americans and the Vote The year 2020 also marks the sesquicentennial of the Fifteenth Amendment (1870) and the right of black men to the ballot after the Civil War. The theme speaks, therefore, to the ongoing struggle on the part of both black men and black women for the right to vote.

How can I make my high school history interesting?

Teaching Tips Categories

  1. Supplement textbooks with books that provide personal accounts of historical events.
  2. Focus on important individuals in history.
  3. Have your students read historical novels.
  4. Where feasible, take your students on field trips to historical sites.
  5. Have your students role play historical events.

What makes a good history lesson?

The more popular include: Stories – including those told by the teacher. Looking at people and what they did – a focus on people rather than things is a key feature of motivating history. Sensational but human content – blood, dirt and gore always score well, eg.

What do you say on Black History Month?

Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” — Martin Luther King, Jr. “The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up.”

What is the theme for Black History Month 2020?

With these momentous anniversaries in mind, the 2020 theme for African American History Month is “African Americans and the Vote,” exploring 150 years (and more) of the struggle to ensure that African Americans are able to fully participate in American democracy.

Is there a flag for Black History Month?

Celebrate Black achievement in February with a Black history flag featuring the Pan-African colors, Dr. Martin Luther King, and other designs. Today, there’s a growing recognition that every day we make tomorrow’s history.

What is Black history colors?

What are the colours for Black History Month? The official colours of BHM are black, red, yellow, and green. These are also known as the Pan African colours.

What to do during Black History Month?

To celebrate the start of Black History Month, one Des Moines-based coffee company is doing its part to support other Black-owned businesses. Black and Bold was founded by two childhood friends from Gary, Indiana, but they launched the coffee and tea company in Des Moines.

What is Black History Month, and why is it important?

These days, Black History Month includes honoring and celebrating individuals like these who, both past and present, have contributed to the civil rights movement. But it’s also about recognizing the contributions of Black people to this country and celebrating Black history and culture as a whole.

Why do we need Black History Month?

To ignore it or to prohibit the teaching of real history to the generations coming on our heels breeds ignorance. A high school in Massachusetts thought it a heritage embracement to kick off the month-long celebration of Black We do not need to ignore

What are some activities for Black History Month?

Write to Rosa Parks. Read “Remarks by the President at Dedication of Statue Honoring Rosa Parks” and watch the YouTube video excerpt of President Obama’s speech.

  • Malcom X Collage. Explore Britannica’s web entry about Malcolm X. Then,research and collect photos and images of Malcolm X.
  • Learn About Emmett Till. Go to the Library of Congress website.