How far can a 4 16×50 shoot?

How far can a 4 16×50 shoot?

The 50mm objective lens on the Sniper 4-16x50mm Riflescope provides you with zoom capabilities from 4X to 16X. This makes for a nice range of magnification, allowing you to do some serious shooting out to 400 yards or further.

What magnification do I need for 1000 yards?

The most common form of the magnification question is “What magnification do I need to shoot 1000yards?” The answer usually given is 10x.

What is the difference between Vortex Viper and Viper HS?

Ryan Avery said: The HS model has capped turrets. The HS LR has a exposed elevation turret with more reticle options and a zero stop. The HS-T has exposed elevation turret, little better reticle option for long range and a zero stop.

Where are Vortex Viper PST made?

All Viper series riflescopes are manufactured in Philippines, including Vortex Viper, Viper HS, Viper HS LR, Viper HST, and Viper PST Gen 2 riflescopes.

What is a SFP scope?

Second Focal Plane (SFP) Scopes It is located in between the eyepiece/erector tube assembly. What makes this different from the FFP scope is the fact that the crosshairs of the reticle will remain the same size through the lens, no matter the magnification setting you’re on.

How far can you shoot with 16x magnification?

Best Zoom Range for Competition or Target Shooting This is 16x scope magnification at 100 yards. It’s hard to tell in this picture, but when looking with my eye through the scope, it’s very easy to spot the bullet impacts in the paper at this distance.

How far is a 16x scope Good For?

What does PST scope mean?

Precision Shooting Tactical
The Viper PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) riflescope is designed for competition and tactical purposes. This means it’s designed to be accurate and efficient at all times and comes with a first focal plane reticle that is etched into the optics and is illuminated to provide easier and more accurate shots.