Who is the CEO of Hindalco Renukoot?

Who is the CEO of Hindalco Renukoot?

Mr. N. Nagesh, Head – Renukoot Cluster.

Who is the founder of Hindalco?

Ghanshyam Das Birla
The company was founded by Ghanshyam Das Birla on December 15, 1958 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India.

What type of company is Hindalco?

A US$26 billion metals powerhouse, Hindalco is an industry leader in aluminium and copper. Hindalco’s acquisition of Aleris Corporation in April 2020, through its subsidiary Novelis Inc., has cemented the company’s position as the world’s largest flat-rolled products player and recycler of aluminium.

Who is the vice president of Hindalco?

sasi kumar – Vice President – Hindalco Industries Limited | LinkedIn.

Who is the head of Hindalco?

Mr. Satish Pai
Mr. Satish Pai is Managing Director of Hindalco Industries. He took over as the CEO of Hindalco’s Aluminium Business in August 2013.

When was Hindalco started?

1958Hindalco Industries / Founded

Hindalco embarked on its journey in 1958. Its first real contribution to the vision of an industrial India occurred four years later, when the late visionary GD Birla set up India’s first integrated aluminium facility at Renukoot, in the eastern fringe of Uttar Pradesh, India.

Who is the chairman of Hindalco?

Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla
Chairman, Hindalco Industries. Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla is the Chairman of the Indian multinational Aditya Birla Group, which operates in 36 countries across six continents.

What is the largest aluminum company?

Chalco Aluminum Corporation of China
Chalco. Aluminum Corporation of China (Chalco) is the world’s largest alumina producer and largest aluminium company by production volume, with operations in bauxite and coal mining, alumina refining and primary aluminium smelting.

When was Hindalco founded?

1958Hindalco Industries / Founded

Is Hindalco a mining company?

At Hindalco, we have captive capabilities to source our own major raw materials for aluminium production, and also to cater to our energy needs: Coal mining.

What is the production of Hindalco?

Hindalco Aluminium Smelting operations are located at Renukoot in Uttar Pradesh, Aditya Aluminium in Odisha, Mahan Aluminium in Madhya Pradesh and Hirakud in Odisha. All these facilities combined produce around 1.3 Million tons of primary aluminium in a year.

Is Hindalco a part of Aditya Birla Group?

Hindalco Industries Limited is the metals flagship company of Aditya Birla Group. It is the world’s largest aluminium rolling company and is also a leading producer of copper. Along with its global subsidiary Novelis Inc., Hindalco has a presence in 12 countries.

Which aluminium is best in India?

Following are the major players in the Indian aluminium industry:

  • Hindustan Aluminium Company (HINDALCO)
  • Sterlite Industries.
  • Sacheta Metals.
  • Jindal Aluminium.
  • National Aluminium Company (NALCO)
  • Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO)
  • MALCO.
  • INDAL.

Which is the biggest aluminium company in India?

Vedanta is the largest aluminium producer in India with a capacity of 2.3 mtpa and a 40% market share in India’s aluminium industry. We have strategically located large scale assets with integrated power from captive power plants in Indian states of Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

Is Hindalco debt free?

Importantly, Hindalco Industries Limited (NSE:HINDALCO) does carry debt.

What is the world’s largest Aluminium company?

How much debt is on Hindalco?

You can click the graphic below for the historical numbers, but it shows that Hindalco Industries had ₹681.5b of debt in September 2021, down from ₹790.5b, one year before. However, it does have ₹182.4b in cash offsetting this, leading to net debt of about ₹499.1b.

How has the Renukoot plant changed over the years?

Hindalco’s Renukoot plant was commissioned in 1962 with one potline and a smelter of 20,000 tpa capacity. Over the years the plant has increased its capacity through various brownfield expansions and asset-sweating measures.

What is the capacity of Hindalco’s alumina plant?

Alumina Plant Hindalco’s Alumina Plant employs the conventional Bayer’s process was commissioned with an initial capacity of 40,000 MTPA which has now increased to 660,000 MTPA.

What is the population of Renukoot in India?

As of the 2011 India census, Renukoot had a population of over 78000. Males constituted 57% of the population and females 43%. Renukoot had an average literacy rate of 83%, higher than the national average of 72%; male literacy is 92%, and female literacy is 77%. 14% of the population was under 6 years of age.

Who inaugurated the Renukoot dam in 1960?

This dam was created in 1960 and was inaugurated by then prime minister of India, Pt. Jawarharlal Nehru . As of the 2011 India census, Renukoot had a population of over 78000. Males constituted 57% of the population and females 43%.