Who is the CEO of Eddie Bauer?

Who is the CEO of Eddie Bauer?

Michael Egeck (Jun 2012–)Eddie Bauer / CEO

Who is Damien Huang?

Eddie Bauer announced that Damien Huang has been named president. Huang was most recently Eddie Bauer’s senior vice president of merchandising & design, leading the company strategy and execution for design, merchandising, product line management and product development.

Is Eddie Bauer out of business?

Eddie Bauer was acquired out of bankruptcy in 2009 by Golden Gate Capital. In 2018, Golden Gate established PSEB, which was composed of Eddie Bauer and Pacific Sunwear, which it also bought out of bankruptcy.

Is Eddie Bauer struggling?

Eddie Bauer is the latest apparel chain to file for bankruptcy protection in recent months, along with Mervyn’s, Steve & Barry’s, Goody’s and Gottschalk’s. Eddie Bauer was struggling to repay its debt after consumers stopped spending on anything but necessities.

Who owns Eddie Bauer now?

SPARC Group LLCEddie Bauer / Parent organization

Is Eddie Bauer owned by Gap?

Bauer retired and sold the company in 1968. General Mills bought the company in 1971, then Spiegel acquired it from General Mills in 1988….Eddie Bauer.

Type Private
Products Clothing, sportswear, outdoor gear
Revenue US$1 billion (2021)
Owners Authentic Brands Group and SPARC Group LLC
Number of employees 7,000 worldwide (2021)

Where is Eddie Bauer corporate office?

Bellevue, WAEddie Bauer / Headquarters

How do I file a complaint with Eddie Bauer?

Contact of Eddie Bauer customer service (phone, email)

  1. Contact Eddie Bauer: Find below customer service details of Eddie Bauer, including phone and email. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the company.
  2. Head Office. Eddie Bauer LLC.
  3. Customer Service. Phone: 1-800-426-8020.
  4. About Eddie Bauer.

How do I contact Eddie Bauer corporate?

(800) 426-8020Eddie Bauer / Customer service

Where is Eddie Bauer headquarters?

Where is the corporate headquarters for Eddie Bauer?

Who owns Eddie Bauer brand?

Authentic Brands Group
Eddie Bauer sells its merchandise via three independent channels: Retail stores: “premium” merchandise. Outlet stores: lower-priced and inventory overstock merchandise….Eddie Bauer.

Type Private
Owners Authentic Brands Group and SPARC Group LLC
Number of employees 7,000 worldwide (2021)
Website eddiebauer.com