What fish can live with electric blue cichlids?

What fish can live with electric blue cichlids?

Electric Blue Acara Tank Mates

  • Cory catfish.
  • Discus fish.
  • Oscars.
  • Rainbowfish.
  • Otocinclus.
  • Bristlenose Pleco.
  • Moga cichlid.

How big do electric blue haps get?

The electric blue hap (Sciaenochromis ahli) is a species of cichlid fish endemic to Lake Malawi. It prefers to live in caves and crevices in rocky substrates. This species can reach a length of 20 centimetres (7.9 in) TL. It can also be found in the aquarium trade.

Can you keep a single electric blue acara?

Habitat and Tank Requirements Mimic this environment in the tank by replicating wild water parameters, substrate, plants, and decorations. Provide a tank of at least 30 gallons for a single electric blue acara, with an extra 15 gallons of space for every additional acara.

Are electric blue haps aggressive?

The Electric Blue Hap is a fairly aggressive cichlid, so not considered to be a community fish. They can be housed with other Haplochromis and peaceful Mbuna, but do not house with male and female Aulonocara (Peacock Cichlids). They will kill the male Peacocks and hybridize with the females..

Is Electric blue Jack Dempsey aggressive?

Due to their nature as an aggressive, freshwater fish species, the Electric Blue Jack Dempsey (full-grown) (Rocio Octofasciata) can easily live alone. In fact, this species of Cichlids is one of the most aggressive fish you can find in an aquarium or a tank.

Can angel fish live with electric blue acara?

Angelfish are very peaceful shoaling fish that get along well with Electric blue acara. Angels have a unique look when compared to other types of fish, so they add a different look to a community tank. Angelfish require a heavily planted tank that the Electric blue acara appreciates as well.

Can electric blue acaras live with rams?

Well-Known Member. The blue acaras will get up around 5″ within a year or so. While they are generally “peaceful” by cichlid standards, they may prevent your rams and apistos from defending territories.

How many blue Acara should be kept together?

They should be kept in groups of 6 or more and come in plenty of different colors like an albino. They are playful and enjoy interacting with each other and their tank mates. They rarely cause issues in a community tank and do well with Electric blue acara.

Is electric blue Acara a hybrid?

The Electric Blue Acara Cichlid (Andinoacara pulcher hybrid) is an extremely colorful hybrid of the Blue Acara Cichlid.

What fish go with Electric Blue Jack Dempsey?

Common Plecostomus However their appetite for algae makes them indispensable for many hobbyists. And their size and armored flanks make them a good match for Jack Dempseys.

What fish are compatible with Jack Dempsey cichlids?

Due to their fairly large size, species such as the Oscar cichlid, the green terror cichlid, the Acaras cichlid, and the Firemouth cichlid are all ideal choices to house together with the Jack Dempsey Cichlid. If there is enough room, they will all get along just fine.

Can electric yellow cichlids live with guppies?

While many cichlids are notorious for their aggression, several small dwarf cichlids make good companions for guppies. The ram and krib are small riverine cichlids that have a much more peaceful demeanor than their larger relatives. Additionally, rams can benefit from guppy companions.

Can electric blue acaras live with Rams?

Can electric blue acara live with dwarf gourami?

What is this? Good Tank Mates for Electric Blue Acaras: Gouramis, Swordtails, Giant Danios, Barbs, Black Skirt Tetras, and other medium to large Community Fish. Angelfish, Severums, Earth Eaters, and other more peaceful Cichlids.

Can electric blue acara live in groups?

If you want to keep these two fish together, keep an eye on their behavior in the tank so you can see any fighting right away. Oscars get along well with electric blue acaras in general, and they can live peacefully together if the tank is large enough.

Can blue acara live with angelfish?

What fish can I put with my electric blue acara?

Here are some great Electric Blue Acara tank mates that we recommend: Cory catfish; Discus fish; Oscars; Rainbowfish; Otocinclus; Bristlenose Pleco; Moga cichlid; This is just a small example of the potential tank mates you can pair with this fish, but it’s a good starting point.

What are the best tank mates for an electric blue hap?

Well, suited tank mates for Electric Blue Hap are Mbuna Cichlids , Demasoni Cichlid, Yellow Lab Cichlid , Blue Dolphin Cichlid , Peacock Cichlid, Synodontis Catfish, etc… In nature, the diet of Electric Blue Hap consists primarily of fry of other Malawian cichlids.

Are blue ram cichlids good tank mates?

The electric blue ram is beautiful dwarf cichlid that’s great for people who are new to keeping fish. It’s not very hard to care for, and they’re very peaceful. Because of that, electric blue ram tank mates are very easy to find.

What kind of tank does a Congo tetra need?

The Congo Tetra is an active fish that does well in groups of 6 of their species or more mates, so it is important to buy a large gallon aquarium. Furthermore, the tank should have plenty of plants and other covers so they can feel secure. Congo tetras are compatible with most tropical fish.