What are the best beaches in Uruguay?

What are the best beaches in Uruguay?

Punta’s other famous beach, Playa Mansa (which roughly translates to “tame beach”) has no waves, smaller crowds, and some of the most stunning sunsets you’ll find in Uruguay. It also has a beautiful long walkway filled with cafés, stores, and places to sit for a bite overlooking the ocean. 2. Pocitos

Is La Pedrera Uruguay’s most bohemian-chic beach?

Just seven kilometres away from La Paloma, La Pedrera is one of a handful of seaside resorts in this part of Uruguay to have become labelled ‘bohemian-chic’.

Why is Piriapolis the most popular resort in Uruguay?

The city of Piriapolis was once the most popular summer resort in Uruguay, long before Punta del Este became the hip destination for sun lovers. Piriapolist is home to over 25 kilometers of coastline, with many unnamed small stretches of beach interrupted by boulders and soft hills growing into the distance.

What is the best restaurant in Uruguay?

Located on the sand dunes of José Ignacio is La Huella, Uruguay’s most famous restaurant (voted Best Restaurant in Uruguay 2017) and very much the central point of the resort. This fantastic restaurant – akin to a glorified beach shack – is a magnet for the rich, the beautiful, and even the occasional Hollywood star.

Is there a beach in Montevideo?

Montevideo, Uruguay’s capital and only large city, is located on the Río de la Plata. Its 13-mile-long rambla (coastal promenade and road) passes several sandy beaches. The most visited beach in Montevideo is Playa Pocitos. (In Spanish, “ playa ” means beach.)

Why is the beach in Uruguay so crowded?

Because Uruguay is not well-known as a beach destination, and it mostly only receives tourism from neighboring countries, it’s never truly overcrowded, and the coastline has remained clean and not overdeveloped.

Where are the best places to live in Uruguay?

Punta del Este is Uruguay’s most happening coastal area—the place where models, actors, and anybody who’s even remotely famous heads to in summer. Brava Beach, perhaps the most famous of the beaches here, extends for over eight kilometers and offers plenty of places to rent equipment for surfing and paddling, and places to grab food and drinks.