What are departmental accounts?

What are departmental accounts?

Department accounting or departmental accounting is a system of financial accounting which is used in the organizations whose all works are done through their different departments or departmental stores. Departmental accounts are prepared separately for each department and trial balance will also be prepared.

What are the types of departmental accounts?

There are two methods of keeping departmental accounts:

  • Independent Basis: In this method, accounts of each department are maintained separately. Each department prepares Trading and Profit and Loss Account.
  • Columnar Basis: ADVERTISEMENTS: In this method, there is a single set of books.

How departmental accounts are maintained?

Under this method of accounting, each department is treated as a separate unit and separate set of books are maintained for each unit. Financial results of each unit are combined at the end of accounting year to know the overall result of the store.

What are the features of departmental accounts?


  • The accounts are prepared separately for each department.
  • Each department is taken as profit center.
  • Planning and budgeting is done separately for each department based on its own accounting records.

Why accounting department is important?

The accounting department keeps records of the goods and services that your company pays for and ensures that all your business expenses get paid on time. It also keeps track of all scheduled payments in the organization, such as inventory, payroll, and other business-related expenses.

What is short working?

Short Workings is nothing but the amount by which the minimum rent is more than the actual royalty. In other words, short workings is the difference between minimum rent and actual royalty. In the example above, the Short Workings amount to Rs 1 Lakh (5 Lakh – 4 Lakh).

What is the importance of departmental accounting?

Departmental accounting helps an organisation to evaluate each departmental growth separately on the basis of trading results over period of time. An endeavour may be made to push up the sales of the department which is earning maximum profit.

What are the objectives of departmental accounts?

The main objectives of departmental accounting are:

  • To check out an interdepartmental performance.
  • To evaluate the performance of the department with the previous period result.
  • The gross profit of each department can ascertain.
  • Unprofitable departments will reveal.

What is the objective of departmental accounts?

The main objectives of departmental accounting are: To check out an interdepartmental performance. To evaluate the performance of the department with the previous period result. The gross profit of each department can ascertain.

What is the purpose of a department?

Why are departments used? In addition to providing a higher level of organisation by dividing business activities by their functions, for example, creating departments within a company has shown to create more efficiency, productivity and also to lower costs.

Is the main objective of departmental final account?

What are the 5 roles of accountant?

Role of an accountant is doing functions related to the collection, accuracy, recording, analysis, and presentation of a business, company or organization’s financial operations. He also holds a number of administrative functions in the company.

What is a suspend account?

A suspension account is an account used for any expenditure or balance that can not be established temporarily. Usually, a suspense account is in the general ledger. Any amount posted to the suspense account will only be present temporarily, as this amount will be investigated and posted to the appropriate account.

What is royalty account?

What is royalty in accounting? Royalty refers to the payment that is made to the owner of an asset or property for usage. Royalties enable another individual, who is not the original creator of the property or asset, to use the property in exchange for a payment or other terms.

What are the advantages of departmental store?

Top advantages of a departmental store are: (1) Economies of Bulk Purchases (2) Providing Variety of Products (3) Convenience of Choice (4) Economy in Advertising (5) Centrally Located (6) Providing Services to Customers (7) Employing Specialists and (8) Lesser Selling Costs.

Why is departmental accounting important?

(b) Departmental accounts help to understand or locate the success, failure, rates of profit, etc. (c) It helps the management to make proper plan of action, policies in order to increase profit after analysing the results of operation of various departments.

What is capital interest?

Interest on Capital meaning In other words, interest on capital is the interest paid to owners for providing a firm with the required capital to start a business. It is similar to obtaining a loan from any financial institution. The partners are paid interest on the capital that remains outstanding.

What is a Departmentation?

Definition of departmentation : the process of departmentalizing an enterprise for gaining efficiency and coordination : the grouping of tasks into departments and subdepartments and delegating of authority for accomplishment of the tasks.

What is the use of HR?

It is tasked with maximizing employee productivity and protecting the company from any issues that may arise within the workforce. HR responsibilities include compensation and benefits, recruitment, firing, and keeping up to date with any laws that may affect the company and its employees.

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