Is Narcos the Best show on Netflix?

Is Narcos the Best show on Netflix?

The Narcos franchise (including the original three-season trilogy, followed by the Narcos: Mexico spinoff) will go down as one of the greatest Netflix originals of all time.

What is the Movie Narcos about?

The film is set in Colombia, home of the most powerful drug cartels, where some kids are involved in trafficking who kill anyone who annoys the Mafia bosses on commission.

What Narcos should I watch first on Netflix?

How should viewers watch the ‘Narcos’ series? According to Narcos: Mexico showrunner Eric Newman, viewers can watch the series in any order. Although the spinoff series centers around the Mexican drug trade, the Netflix crime drama tells one story. So, viewers can watch the spinoff series first or vice versa.

Is Narcos good to watch?

Narcos is power-packed, addictive and worth the ten hours you’ll spend stuck to your screen. Even if you’re already familiar with the broad strokes of Escobar’s rise and fall, it’s worth watching Narcos to experience the textures of the Colombian drug trade at its ugliest.

Is Narcos based on true story?

Narcos: Mexico chronicles the true story of the rise of Cartel leader Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, played by Diego Luna (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story). It also follows Enrique “Kiki” Camarena (Michael Peña), a DEA agent involved in a ruthless and tragic pursuit of Gallardo that ended with Camarena’s death.

Is Narcos a good show?

Where is Escobar’s body?

People surround the tomb of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar at Montesacro cemetery in Medellin, Antioquia department, Colombia on December 1 a day…

Can a 14 year old watch Narcos?

Parents need to know that Narcos is a very realistic drama about the birth of the cocaine trade in Colombia. The drama is historically accurate and made with great care. However, because it depicts shocking and potentially traumatizing events, it’s not for kids.

How much of Narcos is true?

Though Narcos is a dramatization, Newman told THR the series is 50-50 when it comes to fiction and nonfiction, and that they stick to the true chronology of events. “We told them how it actually happened,” says Pena. “There’s some artistic licenses, but the timeline is accurate.”

Why should I not watch Narcos?

5 reasons you should stop watching Narcos.

  • Narcos perpetuates racist Colombian stereotypes.
  • Netflix is profiting off a war that has destroyed the quality of life for millions of Colombians.
  • Narcos glorifies Pablo Escobar.
  • Colombia has changed.
  • Narcos tells Colombia’s single story.
  • Why is Narcos so popular on Netflix?

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    Is Narcos a good series to watch?

    This season is intense, fast-paced, and a must watch. The continuity provided by the theme music aside, Narcos Season 3 essentially functions as the start of a brand new series under the Narcos umbrella — a backdoor anthology, if you will. It’s ridiculous, barbaric and cruel; it’s also great entertainment. Then When was narcos Season 3 release?

    When does Narcos Season 3 start on Netflix?

    Series 3 and 4 of Narcos have already been confirmed by Netflix. It was recently revealed that season 3 will land on the streaming site on September 1. What happened at the end of Narcos season 2?…

    Will Narcos continue season 4?

    No, it has been confirmed that season 3 will be the final instalment of Narcos: Mexico, meaning that there will not be a season 4. The news that Narcos is still keen for the franchise to continue, although nothing is confirmed at the time of writing.