Is Gulf News a newspaper?

Is Gulf News a newspaper?

Gulf News is a daily English language newspaper published from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It was first launched in 1978, and is currently distributed throughout the UAE and also in other Persian Gulf Countries. Its online edition was launched in 1996.

How can I publish my article in Gulf News?

Send us your news tip-offs, photos, videos, and audio files to be considered for use on Gulf News and all its content platforms. Email us on [email protected] or call on 04 4067666. Don’t forget to include your name, email address and information about the content being submitted.

What is the official newspaper in UAE?

Khaleej Times It is a leading English-language daily newspaper in UAE. The newspaper distributed throughout the UAE as well as in Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. The Khaleej Times was established in 1978, and published by Galadari Printing and Publishing.

What is the main newspaper in Dubai?

Khaleej Times was also launched in the same year as Gulf News and has since then grown to be one of the most reliable newspapers in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

Who is the publisher of Gulf News?

GN Media is the publisher of Gulf News, the biggest selling English newspaper in the UAE. It is also home to the most visited news website in the UAE,

How can I subscribe to Gulf News?

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  1. You can call 600 587234.
  2. You can email at [email protected].
  3. Or go to the online Gulf News store (https://store.

How do I get my article published in Khaleej Times?

Subscribe To Khaleejtimes & Get Your Newspaper Delivered At Your Home/Office, For More Details

  1. [email protected].
  2. Toll free number 800 58.
  3. +971-4-3384545.

How do you get featured on Khaleej Times?

Have your comments and photo appear in the newspaper next week. Just post your response below to the following question or write in toktreade[email protected] log on

What is Khaleej?

Al-Khaleej (Arabic: الخليج) is an Arabic word which means “gulf”. Khaleej may refer to: In Gulf Arabic, it primarily refers to the Persian Gulf, on the coast of which the Gulf Arabic dialects are spoken.

How many newspapers are in UAE?

Today, there are six English-language newspapers in the UAE.

Who is the owner of Gulf News?

Obaid Al Tayer
It was established in 1985 by Obaid Al Tayer, Abdullah Al Rostamani and Juma Al Majid. It employs 1,050 people and has branches in Manila, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. It publishes Gulf News, a leading English-language newspaper in the region and among the most important newspapers in the UAE.

Where is Gulf News based?

the UAE
About Gulf News GN Media is the publisher of Gulf News, the biggest selling English newspaper in the UAE. It is also home to the most visited news website in the UAE,

What is Gulf News digital subscription?

Gulf News has launched its new digital subscription, wherein a reader will have to subscribe either monthly or annually to our subscription services in order to consume content on

How do I contact the Gulf News?

Contact Us

  1. Gulf News. Dubai Investment Park 2 (DIP 2). opposite SAFCO International Co., Dubai, UAE. PO Box 6519.
  2. Switch Board Number. Tel: (00 971 4344 7100)
  3. Customer Centre Number. 600 587234 (UAE residents only)

Who is the owner of Khaleej Times?

Suhail Galadari
Khaleej Times

Front page of 16 April 2018
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Suhail Galadari (Co-Chairman) Mohammed Galadari (Co-Chairman)
Publisher Galadari Printing and Publishing
Editor Vaman Vassudev Kamat

Who is the editor of Khaleej Times?

Vaman Vassudev Kamat
Khaleej Times

Front page of 16 April 2018
Publisher Galadari Printing and Publishing
Editor Vaman Vassudev Kamat
Founded 16 April 1978
Language English

Is Gulf a country?

In its most fundamental form, “gulf countries” refers to the countries of the Persian Gulf/Arabian Gulf region of the Middle East, including some or all of the nations on the Arabian peninsula that connects Asia to Africa….Gulf Countries.

Country Qatar
Gulf coastline (km) 563
GCC member Yes
Arab League Yes
On Peninsula Yes

What is the meaning of Khaleej in Urdu?

The Urdu Word خلیج Meaning in English is Gulf. The other similar words are Khaleej and Gulf Ka Mulk. The synonyms of Gulf include are Basin, Bay, Bayou, Bight, Cove, Firth, Harbor, Slough, Sound and Whirlpool.

What was the first newspaper in the UAE?

Newspapers and magazines. The first newspaper to appear in the United Arab Emirates was Al-Ittihad, considered the first proper Arabic-language newspaper in 1969, followed by Al Khaleej, the first Arabic daily, in 1970.

How can I contact Gulf News for digital enquiries?

For digital enquiries contact us at [email protected] With capabilities and expertise built over three decades, we remain the single largest direct marketing company in the UAE with an unmatched range of services and offerings. Capture maximum attention Reach broad or specific targetted audience Create and build awareness

Where can I find the latest pricing guide for Gulf News?

Click here to view the latest pricing guide E-mail: [email protected] Sun & Sand Show Room Building, 1stfloor. M 206, Building No. 106, Above Baby MartOpp.

What is it like to work at Gulf News?

A career at Gulf News means being part of an iconic and innovative brand. We have a culture that rewards performance, values its people and embraces diversity of thought and opinion.

What ever happened to Gulf News?

1978 saw the launch of two English dailies in the Gulf. While its competitor carved a special niche for itself in the market and built up a loyal readership, Gulf News remained erratic, barely surviving with a circulation of 3000. on your mobile phones and tablet devices – Simply download any of our apps for free, and stay connected…. on the move.