How many watts does a sharp refrigerator use?

How many watts does a sharp refrigerator use?

The average home refrigerator uses 350-780 watts.

What is the average power rating of a fridge?

Appliance Average power rating (Watts) Cost to use per hour (pence)*
Dehumidifier 300-700 7.5–17.5
Plasma TV 280-450 7.0–11.0
Towel rail 250-500 6.0–12.5
Fridge-freezer 200-400 5–10

How do I know what wattage my refrigerator is?

To determine the average wattage for your refrigerator, you need to multiply volts x amps for your wattage calculator. You will find these numbers referenced on a sticker on the inside wall of the fridge, the manufacturer’s nameplate below the door, behind the front kick plate, or on the back of the fridge.

What is the wattage of 190 ltr refrigerator?

LG 190 L Direct Cool Single Door 5 Star Refrigerator (GL D201APZZ) Full Specifications

Power Consumption 230 W
Stabilizer Required No

How many electricity units does a fridge use?

How much electricity does a fridge consume?

Size Of Refrigerator Annual Power Consumption (On Average)
200 Litres 720 kWh
300 Litres 900 kWh
400 Litres 1080 kWh
500 Litres 1440 kWh

Who makes sharp refrigerator?

Sharp Electronics Corporation
SHCA is the U.S. Consumer Products Group of Sharp Electronics Corporation, the U.S. sales subsidiary of Sharp Corporation, a worldwide developer and manufacturer of one-of-a-kind premium technology products.

What is the rating of the power?

Power ratings are usually given in watts for real power and volt-amperes for apparent power, although for devices intended for use in large power systems, both may be given in a per-unit system. Cables are usually rated by giving their maximum voltage and their ampacity.

How many watts is a fridge compressor?

Refrigerator watts are the amount of electrical current it’s compressor uses to cool it’s compartment. Running wattage for most household refrigerators, is usually between 350 to 750 if the voltage is 120.

How many watts does an older refrigerator use?

Older larger units required up to 700-1000 running watts and 2000-3000 watts when starting. If You have a large home refrigerator/freezer that requires 500+ watts, check its energy star rating – buying a new, energy more efficient unit may lead to great energy (and money) saving over a certain period of time.

How much power does a 180 ltr refrigerator consume?

A fridge will use anywhere from 100 to 400 watts depending on size, a large fridge will use about 180 watts or 1575 kWh annually. This calculator does not account for compressor cycles and other factors which can drastically increase or decrease power usage.

What is the wattage of 165 ltr refrigerator?

a small 165 liter refrigerator will take 150 watts of power when the compressor is running.. Compressor is not always running. It cuts in and out to maintain the temperature.

Does refrigerator use a lot of electricity?

Unfortunately, refrigerators eat up a lot of electricity. In most homes, they’re the biggest energy users after heating, cooling, and hot water systems. And as the weather warms up and the kids spend more time at home, fridge-use shoots up like a firecracker on the Fourth of July.

Where is Sharp fridge made?

Appliance Brands – Country of Origin

Appliance Brand Country of Origin
Samsung^ South Korea
Sharp^ Japan
Simpson^ Australia
Smeg^ Italy

What is the power rating of the sharp sjfj676vwh refrigerator?

The Sharp SJFJ676VWH refrigerator has a 2.5 energy star rating. The 624L Sharp SJXE624FSL French Door refrigerator is made with high gloss steel and comes with 5 door pockets and 3 tempered glass shelves. It has a 372L fridge capacity and 252L freezer capacity.

Which Sharp refrigerator is the best?

The winner is a roomy refrigerator with a good set of features – the Sharp SJ-F95STBE. This nice beige unit with a French door is designed for large apartments with spacious kitchens. The model is equipped with four separate doors for three cameras arranged in its body. Among the pluses is the freshness zone, working without excess moisture.

How many doors does a sharp refrigerator have?

The model also includes Hybrid Cooling, which is also featured in many of Sharp’s fridge collection. In addition to the egg tray and the fruit and vegetable compartment, this 4 door refrigerator is said to come with 3 wide tempered glass shelves and 7 large door pockets.

What is sharp refrigeration equipment?

Sharp refrigeration equipment is equipped with both conventional collector and inverter compressor motors. When using the former, the cost of the model is lower, but they work louder and have a less resource than refrigerators with inverter compressors