How difficult is Cantwell Cliffs?

How difficult is Cantwell Cliffs?

The Cantwell Cliffs Loop is a 1.8-mile trail that is rated as moderate. It is one of the most difficult trails you will find in the Hocking Hills State Park, so be cautious during your journey. On this trail, you’ll see colorful wildflowers and towering trees.

What to wear hiking in Hocking Hills?

The best type of pants to wear on long hikes near Hocking Hills are lightweight, durable and moisture-wicking. Denim, though durable, doesn’t dry easily, so you’ll want to avoid wearing jeans in order to stay warm. The ideal hiking pant is made up of synthetic material, such as polyester, nylon or spandex.

How long is the Cantwell Gorge trail?

There are over two miles of trail with two loops, each being one mile. It takes approximately 60 to 80 minutes to hike each loop of the trail. HIKERS MUST REMAIN ON THE MARKED TRAIL. Well-behaved, non-aggressive pets are permitted on leash.

How hard are the trails at Hocking Hills?

It is somewhat strenuous in places going up and down hills and between large boulders. We once had to duck into a small recess cave along the trail to sit out a sudden, heavy, pop-up thunderstorm. The trail is marked with the standard Buckeye Trail blue blazes. Total distance is 3 miles one-way.

Are Hocking Hills trails still one way?

Hiking Hocking Hills They are all one-way loop trails. HIKERS MUST REMAIN ON THE MARKED TRAIL. Well-behaved, non-aggressive pets are permitted on leash except at Conkle’s Hollow. There is NO wading or swimming allowed in the waterfalls or creeks.

What is the highest point in Hocking Hills?

Elevation: 1220 feet, 372 meters

Elevation Info: NAVD88 Elevation: 1220 ft / 372 m
Country United States
State/Province Ohio
County/Second Level Region Hocking (Highest Point)
City/Town Perry

What to pack when going to Hocking Hills?

Here are 25 things to put on your packing list for your Hocking Hills summer vacation:

  • Food items.
  • Foil, plastic wrap, and Ziplock bags.
  • Napkins and paper towels.
  • Coffee.
  • Knives.
  • Specialty kitchen tools.
  • Corkscrew.
  • Firewood, charcoal, etc.

Can you hike all of Hocking Hills in one day?

Hocking Hills has 7 different hiking areas – all of which are relatively short and moderate making it easy to visit multiple stops in one day.

What is the hardest trail in Hocking Hills?

The Buckeye Trail Is The Single Most Dangerous Hike In All Of…

  • Hocking Hills is a stunning park filled with waterfalls, rock formations, and plenty of cliffs.
  • However, these cliffs are exactly what make Hocking Hills and the Buckeye Trail so dangerous.

What is the best trail to hike in the Hocking Hills?

According to users from, the best place to hike in Hocking Hills State Park is Ash Cave, Cedar Falls and Old Mans Cave which has a 4.7 star rating from 290 reviews.

Are there bears in Hocking Hills?

Bear sightings in the eastern half of Ohio have increased but they are still quite rare. Your chances of encountering a bear in Hocking Hills are pretty low and you can explore the area alone and unarmed safely. Just be aware of your surroundings and if you see a bear, back away slowly.

Can you swim in Old Man’s Cave?

Can I swim at Old Man’s Cave. NO! There is NO swimming or wading in Hocking Hills State Park waterfalls, creeks, or natural bodies of water, except at the designated beach area at Lake Logan and Lake Hope State Park.

What is the tallest hill in Ohio?

Campbell Hill
Campbell Hill, highest point (1,549 feet [472 metres]) in Ohio, U.S. It lies in Logan county, just east of Bellefontaine, in the west-central part of the state.

Why is Hocking Hills threatened?

The cool, green, vibrant canyons and caves of the Hocking Hills are under threat by a tiny, invasive bug. The trees that cling to the cliffs of the Hocking Hills are mostly Eastern Hemlocks. These hemlocks are being attacked by an insect with a cute name and deadly consequences: The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid.

Does Hocking Hills have ticks?

In the spring, summer and fall, Hocking Hills has mosquitoes, ticks, and all sorts of other pesky insects. Be prepared with insect repellent.

Can you hike at Hocking Hills right now?

All parks and trails in Hocking Hills are open as of July 2nd, 2020.

Can you swim in Devil’s Bathtub Hocking Hills Ohio?

If you’ve ever heard of a place in Ohio called the Devil’s Bathtub you should know that it really does exist—and it’s actually really beautiful. Within the Hocking Hills State Park, you can find this natural wonder along the Old Man’s Cave area hiking trails. While you can’t swim in it, it’s an impressive sight to see.

Are there poisonous snakes in Hocking Hills?

Timber rattlers, for example, are found in Adams, Scioto, Pike, Ross, Gallia, Jackson, Vinton and Hocking counties. They’re the most dangerous snakes in northeastern American, mostly because they reach lengths in excess of six feet, though they average only about 40 inches.

Are there wolves in Hocking Hills?

Wolves were historically a vital member of Ohio’s ecosystem; that is, until the species was entirely extirpated from the state nearly 200 years ago. Yet they may not be completely gone. Make no mistake, there are not wolves prowling Ohio’s forests — that we know of.

How long is the hike to Cantwell Cliffs?

Cantwell Cliffs is one of the 7 major hiking trails of Hocking Hills State Park in southern Ohio. The path is the most rugged in the park system, remote, and a one-way in and one-way out loop. There are over two miles of trail with two loops, each being one mile.

Where is Cantwell Cliffs State Park?

Cantwell Cliffs OH-374, Rockbridge, OH 43149 | GPS Tracking: (39.539874, -82.575814) Cantwell Cliffs is one of the 7 major hiking trails of Hocking Hills State Park in southern Ohio.

Are the Cantwell Cliffs in Hocking Hills worth the drive?

Cantwell Cliffs are separate than the majority of the trails in Hocking Hills and also not as manicured which in my opinion made them even more worth the drive. The hike is moderate difficulty due to the climb down into the gorge and then back up. The hike was absolutely beautiful and peaceful.

Is the rim path at Cantwell Cliffs suitable for kids?

Cantrell Cliffs rim path is somewhat primitive with several erosion areas on the paths and spots very close to cliffs. I would be hesitant to have small children hike at Cantwell Cliffs or the rim path at Conkle’s Hollow.