What is the best tuning for a dulcimer?

What is the best tuning for a dulcimer?

There are many ways you can tune a dulcimer, but currently the most common tunings are DAD, DAA, or DGD. DAD is the most common but it is often easier for the beginning player to tune to DAA or the so-called “Reverse Ionian” tuning, (DGD).

How many strings do dulcimers have?

Number of strings: Dulcimers may have as few as two or as many as 12 strings (in up to six courses). Up to the 1960s most mountain dulcimers had three strings. The most popular variant today is four strings in three courses, with doubled melody strings.

How do you tune a dulcimer without a tuner?

Press down on the bass string just left of the fourth fret on your dulcimer. Pluck on the string to produce an A note, then use the middle tuning knob to adjust the middle string until the sound it produces matches the same pitch when the middle string is open plucked.

Is it hard to tune A hammered dulcimer?

It only looks complicated. And if you have tuned any other instrument, you will find that tuning the hammered dulcimer is really no different–just with more strings. Once beginners learn the basics and go through it methodically, it becomes pretty easy. You might even enjoy it!

What is the tuning for A hammered dulcimer?

The instrument is tuned in major scale sequences. The major scales available on most dulcimers with the traditional tuning are D, G, C, F, and sometimes A and E. B minor, E minor, and other modes associated with those major scales can also be found.

What gauges are dulcimer strings?

These ball end strings come in a set of four with the following gauges: . 011, . 011, . 013, .

How is A hammered dulcimer tuned?

What key is A hammered dulcimer in?

Most traditional American hammered dulcimers have the major keys of F, C, G and D easily available, which works well for a variety of musical styles like old-time, bluegrass, hymns, Celtic tunes, and even some pop music.

What key is a mountain dulcimer in?

There are two common tunings for mountain dulcimer, DAA and DAD. In DAA, the bass string is tuned to D with the middle and paired melody strings tuned to A. In DAD, the bass string is tuned to D with the middle string tuned to A….Modes and Tunings for the Mountain Dulcimer.

Major Modes Minor Modes
Ionian Dorian

What gauge strings does a dulcimer use?

On a typical dulcimer string gauges range between about 0.026 in. and 0.010 in. in diameter, although gauges outside this range may be employed to facilitate special tunings or extended range playing styles.

Can I use banjo strings on a dulcimer?

Since the first and fifth strings of a banjo are identical, you can use these for your first and second strings. If you have double first strings, use the banjo first and fifth there. You can then use the banjo second for the middle string on the dulcimer.

Can you put guitar strings on a dulcimer?

J64’s are designed specifically for the 4-string dulcimer and its unique picking and stemming styles. D’Addario Dulcimer strings contain 3 plain steel strings and one nickelplated steel wound on steel string; designed and gauged to common scale….Product information.

Item Weight 0.704 ounces
Number of Strings 4

What key is A hammered dulcimer tuned to?

What are the different types of dulcimer tunings?

Below are some of the major dulcimer tunings. DAA (D Ionian): One of the most commonly used tunings, DAA has the bass string (s) tuned to D, the middle string tuned to A, and the melody string (s) tuned to A as well. DAD (D Mixolydian) : DAD has the bass string (s) tuned to D, the middle string tuned to A, and the melody string (s) tuned to D.

What is the difference between a 3-string and 5-string dulcimer?

The difference is that a 3 string has only 1 melody string, and the 5 string dulcimer has 2 melody strings and 2 bass strings. Those pairs of strings are tuned exactly the same note, to cause a harmonizing effect.

Can You tune a dulcimer to a piano?

Tuning a Dulcimer using a Keyboard or Piano. Tuning a Dulcimer to itself. D Ionian (DAA) Tuning. Tune the 3rd or bass string to the D below Middle C on the Piano (or to the open 4th string of a guitar).

How do you count on a dulcimer?

Unlike a guitar, dulcimers are diatonic, so it is like counting along the white notes of a keyboard. DAD follows the same pattern until you get to the melody string, when you count three along the middle string (A -> B -> C)