What is graffiti punctuation?

What is graffiti punctuation?

Founded in 2012 – Graffiti With Punctuation is an Australian screen geek collective reviewing, podcasting, and writing about the world of movies and T.V.

Can blog titles have commas?

Also, if you want to make it clear that your title is a quotation, particularly one coming from another person, use quotation marks). You’ll also need commas to separate items if your title is a list (the Oxford Comma is entirely optional).

What should I write on my art blog?

Some of the best ideas for your posts may come to you when you’re working in your studio, communing with nature, taking a shower or in your dreams. Write the ideas as they come to you in a journal. Also refer to you collection of favorite artists’ quotes and art books.

What are the donts in blogging?

The Don’ts of Blogging

  • Don’t: Ramble with run-on sentences that just keep on dragging or lengthy texts.
  • Don’t: Try to cover too many topics at once.
  • Don’t: Use profanity or unprofessional language.
  • Don’t: Use other people’s stuff without permission and credit.

Does punctuation affect SEO?

Yes, punctuation is an essential part of SEO. However, it’s a tool that you should use to compliment your strategy and not as a shortcut to success.

Does comma affect SEO?

Search engines don’t pay attention to standard punctuation marks or line breaks. They read right through full stops, semi-colons, hyphens, commas without hesitation.

How do you write a successful art blog?

How to Be a Successful Art Blogger: 7 Effective Blogging Strategies for Artists

  1. Create an art blog that is NOT a “personal” blog.
  2. Treat your blogging time as business time.
  3. Be a content creator, not a content recycler.
  4. Keep a schedule of upcoming topics to write about.
  5. Don’t just write about yourself and your artwork.

Do art blogs make money?

Art blogs also make money through affiliate marketing programs. The idea is simple enough, when a user purchases the recommended product, or service, through their “affiliate link,” the blogger gets a cut of the sale. There are many kinds of affiliate marketing programs and strategies.

Which is a trait of successful blogger?

Successful bloggers have a knack of knowing connecting with readers that goes beyond the way they use words. Good communication has more to do with knowing your audience and connecting with their needs and desires. Successful bloggers have the ability to trigger some sort of response in their reader.

Which is the wrong practice to follow while blogging?

Not consistently writing Another huge mistake in blogging is not writing on a consistent basis. This problem also includes not keeping a regular blogging schedule. Blogging more often is crucial if you want to collect more leads and acquire more customers.

Does SEO ignore punctuation?

Yes, punctuation is an essential part of SEO.

Does punctuation matter in keywords?

Periods (.) and dashes (-) do not register in the AdWords keyword field in any meaningful way. AdWords will show them back to you and preserve where they exist, but will functionally ignore them. No error will be produced if you add these two symbol characters, but the punctuation has no effect on advertising.

What are the 8 rules for commas?

Commas (Eight Basic Uses)

  • Use a comma to separate independent clauses.
  • Use a comma after an introductory clause or phrase.
  • Use a comma between all items in a series.
  • Use commas to set off nonrestrictive clauses.
  • Use a comma to set off appositives.
  • Use a comma to indicate direct address.
  • Use commas to set off direct quotations.

What makes a good artist blog?

Artists Should Blog About Things that Interest Them. Especially the things that inspire you. People love to be inspired – I know I do. I want to know what makes you excited, what makes you weep, what makes you laugh.