What happens at the end of Seven Pounds?

What happens at the end of Seven Pounds?

The movie ends with the people finding out Tim was their donor, the story behind why he did the actions, and Emily meets Ezra and shows that Tim didn’t die for nothing because all the people he knew desered healthy lives and what they needed or wanted they got because of him.

What did the note on the floor say in Seven Pounds?

Near the end of “Seven Pounds” a carefully laminated piece of paper appears, on which someone has written, “DO NOT TOUCH THE JELLYFISH.” I wouldn’t dream of it, and I’ll take the message as a warning not to divulge the astonishing things that happen, not all of them involving aquatic creatures.

What song does Ezra play in Seven Pounds?

Mozart: Fantasie in D Minor K 397 (0:49) [Cast performance] Ezra plays the piano.

Why did he use a jellyfish in Seven Pounds?

Tim, due to his Survivor Guilt, wants to punish himself for accidentally killing those people in the most painful way he can arrange. Of course, the box jellyfish venom is cardiotoxic, which would make his heart unsuitable for transplant (his other motive for suicide).

What is Ben Thomas’s Secret in seven pounds?

Ben’s brother arrives, revealing he is the real IRS agent Ben Thomas; “Ben” is actually Tim, who stole his brother’s identity temporarily. Tim starts to leave, but spends the night with Emily.

Why is movie called 7lbs?

The title is a reference to William Shakespeare’s play “The Merchant of Venice”, in which the merchant, Antonio, agrees to give the moneylender, Shylock, a pound of his flesh if his debt is not paid on time. Seven is the number of “debts” in the plot.

What does Seven Pounds mean in the movie by that title?

The title “Seven Pounds” refers to the Shakespearean pound-of-flesh metaphor, meaning a figurative debt that needs to be paid back. Smith plays Ben Thomas, a man who feels the need to do good things in order to compensate for a tragic past event.

Why is it called Seven Pounds?

Why is the movie called 7 pounds?

What were the 7 donations in seven pounds?

Now extremely depressed and masquerading as his brother Ben, he plans to end his life and donate his organs (7 pounds’ worth) and his home to seven worthy recipients. He gives his bone marrow, a kidney, a lobe of his liver and a lobe of his lung while still alive.

Can you donate your organs if you were electrocuted?

Conclusion: Brain death caused by electric shock is not a contraindication for organ donation. Follow-up of the recipients is necessary to determine if the transplants were successful.

Can you survive a box jellyfish sting?

Outlook. Severe box jellyfish stings can be fatal, triggering cardiac arrest in your body within minutes. Less severe stings may only cause symptoms like pain and irritated red tracks along your body, but they may not be deadly.

What is the moral of seven pounds?

Seven Pounds illustrates the power of cinema, in which a filmmaker can manipulate a willing audience to the point where, against their better judgment, cowardice becomes heroism. However, it also takes the viewer down a dangerous road, one where selfishness equals generosity, and wrong becomes right.

What is the meaning of the title seven pounds?

What does the phrase 7 pounds mean?

What is the moral of Seven Pounds?

What were the 7 donations in Seven Pounds?

What does the title seven pounds mean?

Anyway, yes, the film’s title refers to the “seven pounds” of flesh that Ben gives to make up for killing seven innocent people. At movie’s end, after Will Smith kills himself, Rosario Dawson (who finally has a heart that can reliably pump blood to her various extremities!) meets Woody Harrelson (who can now see!) and they cry.

Why is it called Seven Pounds of flesh?

(One person who needed bone marrow turns out to not be very nice, and since Ben has pledged only to give his organs to “good” people, he had to pick someone else.) Anyway, yes, the film’s title refers to the “seven pounds” of flesh that Ben gives to make up for killing seven innocent people.

Does ‘pounds’ have a creepy ending?

Without revealing what it is (since “the people at Sony might not invite me to any more screenings”), he blasts Pounds ’ creepy ending in a way that totally made us want to know what it is. So, we dug around on the Internet (mostly on the movie’s Wikipedia page) and figured it out.