How much is a Can Am Outlander 400?

How much is a Can Am Outlander 400?

$7,849 $3,695

Suggested List Price Low Retail
Base Price $7,849 $3,695
Options (Add)
Total Price $7,849 $3,695

Can Am Outlander 400 reviews?

The 2008 Can-Am Outlander 400 H.O. is actually very comfortable to sit on and all the controls are easy to access and understand. Every rider liked the seat of the 400 H.O., which is plush and perfect for long rides. The handlebar bend is also quite comfortable.

How much does a Can Am 400 weigh?

The Single-Cylinder engine in the 2013 Can-Am Outlander 400 ATV has a displacement of 400 cc which is 17.4% less than its competition. The 2013 Can-Am Outlander 400 ATV weighs 630 lbs which is 14.07% less than other Utility models.

Is a Can Am Outlander a good ATV?

We were definitely happy with Can-Am’s XT 570. The engine update gave this vehicle the power it lacked at low revs. The fun, lively and playful nature of this machine makes it a pleasant vehicle to ride days on end. The good winter-riding ability of the Outlander 570 confirm that this model have increased.

What kind of oil does a Can Am Outlander 400 take?

Complete Mineral Engine Oil 10W-40 Change Kit for ATV BOMBARDIER 400 Outlander 400 H.O.

Are Can Am ATV’s good?

According to, owners of ATVs made by various manufacturers voted on the most reliable ATV brands. Can-Am came in as the third most reliable ATV brand. These machines are also considered top tier performance.

Can Am Bombardier DS 90?

Their adventures start with a Can-Am ATV. The DS ATV lineup was designed to safely, confidently introduce children aged 6 and older to the joys of off-road riding….DS 90.

L x W x H 59.8 x 35.6 x 36.8 in. (152 x 90.5 x 93.5 cm)
Storage Capacity Front: 0.7 gal. (2.7 L)
Towing Capacity N/A
Fuel Capacity 1.6 gal (6 L)

How heavy is a 4 wheeler?

ATVs weigh anything in the range from about 220 to 1170 pounds (100 – 531 kilos) dry weight, which means the machine’s weight without any fluids, cargo, or passengers. The weight of a full-size 4×4 utility and recreational ATV averages about 700 pounds (317 kilos).

How much does a Polaris weigh?

The 1000cc Polaris General weighs 1,544 pounds. The 475cc Honda Pioneer 500 weighs 1,010 pounds. The 999cc Honda Pioneer 1000 weighs 1,709 pounds.

Where are Can-Am outlanders made?


Can-Am DS90 top speed?

The maximum speed is 10 mph (16 km/h) on the DS50 and 15 mph (24 km/h) on the DS90 2-stroke and DS90 4-stroke. Front Tires: 20 x 7 x 8 in (508 x 178 x 203 mm)

How much is a Can-Am DS 90 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $2,849 $2,275
Options (Add)
Total Price $2,849 $2,275

What size four wheeler does a 12 year old need?

The CPSC considers that an adult size ATV has an engine of 90cc and greater and suggest youth be at least 16 years old to operate an adult size ATV….Power and Speed.

Age of Operator ATV Engine Size
Under 6 years of age not recommended
Age 6-11 Under 70cc
Age 12-15 70-90cc
16 years and older Over 90cc

How much weight can a Can Am carry?

Utility 4×4 Weight Limits

Make And Model Weight Limit
Can-Am Outlander 570 (2 seater) 598 lbs
Can-Am Outlander T Series 1000 600 lbs
Honda FourTrax Foreman 500 485 lbs
Polaris Sportsman XP 1000 715 lbs

What is the heaviest UTV?

7 UTV (Side by Side) Weight Examples

UTV (Side by Side) Model Average Dry Weight
Polaris RZR S 1000 1,235 pounds (560 kg)
976cc Can-Am Maverick Turbo 1,399 pounds (635 kg)
951cc Textron Wildcat 4X LTD 1,534 pounds (696 kg)
1000cc Polaris General 1,544 pounds (700 kg)

How much does a 4 seater can-am weigh?

The 800cc Can-Am Defender Max (four-seater) weighs 1,710 pounds. The 708cc Yamaha Wolverine weighs 1,311 pounds. The 686cc Yamaha Viking EPS weighs 1,431 pounds (wet weight). The 875cc Polaris Ranger XP 900 EPS weighs 1,342 pounds.

What kind of engine does a can Am Outlander 400 have?

Available in both a one-rider or MAX (two-up) configuration, the Can-AmR OutlanderTM 400 EFI ATV features best-in-class performance and unmatched versatility. The Outlander 400 models EFI, 32-hp Rotax engine provides more power* than competitive 450-class 4×4 ATVs.

How much does a bombardier Outlander cost?

2005 Bombardier Outlander™ 400 H.O. 4×4 Specifications Model Type Utility BASE MSRP (US) $5,999.00 Dealers Bombardier Dealers Warranty 6

How many miles on your Outlander 400 4×4?

Like new Outlander 400 4×4 – 161 total milesAlways garaged – never run on beach or in water – original ownerjust received oil change, new oil filter, You might like these other Can-Am ATVs.

Is there a can Am Outlander with mud in mind?

2022 CAN-AM Outlander X MR 1000R, MADE WITH MUD IN MIND. Upgraded to maximize the power of the Rotax 1000R, get a winch, upgraded suspension, wheels &…