How do I Unmarry a Diablo tuner?

How do I Unmarry a Diablo tuner?

Call Us at 561-908-0040 x5 .

  1. Call Us at 561-908-0040 x5 .
  2. Make sure you are at your desk with your tuner powered up on USB.
  3. Simply give your name to the DiabloSport representative that answers the phone, and explain you need to purchase a tool unlock.

What is CMR tuning?

Chipmaster Revolution (CMR) is tuning and EFI Calibration software for Dodge, Ford and GM vehicles. CMR can be used to calibrate supported vehicles with bolt on modifications all the way to fully built race cars.

Can a DiabloSport tuner be used on multiple vehicles?

You can add multiple vehicle licenses to your device. You will be able to load tunes, adjust vehicle parameters, data log, custom tune, and restore all of your vehicles from the same programmer!

How much does it cost to unlock a Diablo tuner?

Did you know that you can add an additional tuning license to the inTune i2, i3 and Trinity T2 for $149? It’s easy to do, and it unlocks tuning for any Diablo supported vehicle you own.

How much is a DiabloSport tuner?

Availability— Now Shipping – NEW LOW PRICE $419.95! Whether you have a Chrysler, Ford, or GM vehicle in your driveway, DiabloSport’s inTune i3 Performance Programmer is an easy way to boost power and torque without even popping the hood!

How do I update Diablo tuner?

When you get the inTune to your vehicle, select Tune Vehicle / Write Vehicle and it will either display a menu of tunes, or ask if you would like to check for a “Calibration Update.” Select “yes” for the calibration update, and then you will bring the inTune back to your Mac and plug it in to USB again.

Is there a big difference between 91 and 93 octane?

Fuel may not exceed 15% ethanol (E15).” The Availability: Those in the western half of the country usually only have access to 91-octane fuel, while 93 octane is fairly common in the eastern half. All things being equal, an engine can be tuned to make more power on 93-octane fuel than 91.

What does 87 octane tune do?

Super Chips Cortex tuner has an 87 octane tune. You an also buy and download upgrades for some aftermarket intakes for just a couple bucks. You can change your torque management for the transmission shifting. The tune really wakes the car up and the fact that it also tunes the transmission makes a HUGE difference.

Are Diablo tuners universal?

It’s easy to do, and it unlocks tuning for any Diablo supported vehicle you own. Instead of purchasing a tuner for each car in your driveway, you can add a tuning license to your i2/i3/T2 and use the same device to tune all of them!

Are Diablo tuners vehicle specific?

What is DS downloader?

DS Downloader Utility DSDL lets you connect your original Predator or Trinity T1000 tuner to a PC for updates and custom tuning.

How do I update my DiabloSport tuner?

How do I update my Diablosport i2?

  1. Plug the Diablosport i2 into the computer via the mini USB cable provided.
  2. Open up your File Explorer or Finder for those using a MAC.
  3. Then select into the Updater Folder, followed by your operating system.